Minutes from meeting March 2, 2012

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Minutes Political Action and Impact 3/2/12

In attendance: Yoni Miller, Diane Moxley, Stuart Leonard, Sean Krause, Connie, Steve

Massachusetts Occupy the Primary Trip: Yoni: Purpose is outreach, grassroots action, and to agitate. Contact Yoni for more information.

Report back Town Square: Purpose outreach. Try to organize a teach in for next town square. Great turn out for last one. We had a table and did successful outreach. Steve felt Washington Square was a better location for outreach, at Tompkins Square we were preaching to the choir. Yoni: at next Town square we should have a chart of previous actions and upcoming actions.

Now DC- Ian has been involved with planning with this action, inter occupy conf calls.  He will continue to update us. We will try to have a presence. Will car pool.

Non-Violence Pledge: Stuart is working on this with a group that sprouted off from Messaging Cluster. He will keep us informed and updated.

March 17 Actions – will stay involved with planning, many from PAI WG want to participate.

April 17- DC and NY Tax Day actions, will participate.

Laura-new member, from Headcount.org (outreach from town square) involved with voter registration and youth actions.

Steve: Pledge of transparency for congress.


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