Minutes from meeting: Friday 2/3.

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Minutes from Political Action meeting:  Friday 2/3

Attendees:  Logan Chappe, Matthew Hoppard, Sean Krause, Stuart Leonard, Ian Williams, Yoni Miller, Stuart Leonard, Amy Miller, Noz ?



Talked about plans for participating in Town Squares.  Will develop lit, art, activities.

Discussed plans for May Day.  Will work as an affinity group.  Should develop some kind of planned action/event.  Will invite friends from NH and Mass.

Discussed long term plans for conventions.  There’s a lot to work out.

Brainstormed ways to bring focus to group’s purpose and goals.  Should develop a statement and work on related activities.

Next meeting:  Put ideas into action.


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  1. Michael Blum

    At next meeting please discuss putting the following plan into action:


    https://www.facebook.com/events/286309944764527/ please create local events similar to this

    find more info at http://www.wearethedemocracy.com there are form letters, and lists on contacting congress,
    During the week demonstrations may be held at different congressional offices each day, or courthouses, or just in public squares. We must get Congress to take action. The bills are in Congress, we need them to vote.