Minutes from A&C meeting Sunday Nov 13th, 2011

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Arts and Culture Minutes sunday nov 13, 2011
Alma @wafflesushi
Juliana @giulianathewolf
Lopi @Lopi
Kristin @kristinthecrow
Joe @loucrimson
Zach @zachary
Eric Smith
Jason Samel
Echo @oikos
Jason @scorpcorp
Antonio @antonioserna
Kristin: Kitchen needs a mural for their boarded up area, they want to have kids to paint it in collaboration with activists/artists contact the kitchen via Jose Ramos elderows@gmail.com
anyone interested contact
Eric: Thanksgiving dinner for occupiers on wed offsite donated space by local unions inviting 800 occupiers, mayor, nypd, 1%, looking to beautify the space will be working all week in the space
if anyone is interested contact him at 917 640 1555
email: magictacochef@yahoo.com
2 Announcements Kristin and I are leaving NY tomorrow the project is the crow and the wolf project, going to visit other occupations sharing our processes etc – passed out info
email at: thecrowandthewolf@gmail.com
blog at: thecrowandthewolfproject.tumblr.com
please stay in touch so we can continue to collaborate
2nd announcement
Comedy Guild: comic relief within movement maintaining mental health for the movement meeting here 2pm monday at 60 wall street
Echo- Has Autumn leaves to be pressed into art to be sent out to addresses that SIS has for “love from liberty plaza”  ecolake@gmail.com design needed for stamp for the us postal service “we support 99%” Anyone wanting to work on this project please contact Eco
Lopi: in the process of forming Direct Action Painters (possibly sub cat. of DA ) to beautify the park, create banners and signs for marches with a clearer messaging both image and text based, gravitas and levity balanced, call out for skilled painters, graf artists and sign painters to join autonomous sub group/satellite between a&c, town planning and direct action. Also looking to start a sign and banner lending library to be made available to dawg for marches and actions. Looking for a space for art making and the library in the neighborhood of wallstreet or tribeca.
contact- artist.proof@gmail
Antonio: organizational team in arts and culture is still trying to streamline how we communicate with each other on the website, each group can be logged on and priv to post their info on the website – good place to get volunteers
user name is @antonioserna
contact him he will give user names to people interested in getting a page
clarifying question: what is consensus about google group? each group should have their own group to communicate about stuff
general movement towards utilizing the nycga website for arts and culture announcements and discussions…. google group is private so people can access it and nycga is not, so if it’s sensitive
organizational meetings are tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays.
Joe: from the puppet guild: occupy the holidays, artists are coming together to create a giant puppet show to present in times square, meeting tuesday at 20 Jay street at 4 pm,
dates: 16th, 17th and 18th major event where civil disobedience might be possible
Jason: Performance Guild are forming an Occupy Broadway/ black friday event on Black Friday- open to anybody who wants to go to the the privately owned public space that is next to the one tree on 50th street and broadway or 7th avenue  next meeting is on tuesday at 60 wall street at 7pm check website for details – also taking suggestions as to what people want to create
Jay stepped down for Alma to faciliate
Antonio: an event that direct action is planning for nov 17th making breakfast and having lectures, arts and culture is having lunch on the highline for all the art workers in the chelsea area in solidarity with their situations and trying to help
breakfast 7-10
lunch 1230 -230
Joe asking for someone to go to the GA at 720, anyone willing?? time check 6:52 now
Lopi – asking for budget of 100$ for stencil art for outreach in Brooklyn and Manhattan, to wheatpaste around the city on construction site walls. Also to help beautify park as part of direct action painters and town planning to paint new tents with image and text based movement messaging….need spray paint, etc.  Asking for daily allotment. making similar stencils to the “rise up” poster she already made. budget is to purchase frosted mylar sheets, 10 of them, to cut stencils out of, spray paint, 10 cans and spray adhesive, 1 can. Already got in kind donations from mfta’s of paper and foam core.
Jason S – been involved since day 2. would like to make a benefit album for OWS. Has been able to make this happen with some well known artist, “rock stars” in addition, the point of the album is to give to the 99%. also bringing musicians from OWS to be on the album. ALL of the $$ will be donated to occupy wall st. None of the artists want the pay.
C.Q. new musicians?
Still accepting submissions from musicians  (musicforoccupy@gmail.com)
deadline: thanksgiving
2 CDs 40 tracks
thinking of having call for artists for cover art
antonio suggested emailing individuals from a & c from website
lots of back and forth about content.
Q: is there a plan at all about what to do with the songs that dont make the cut?
A: no plan as of yet but you can email me and we can devise a plan
anthem on the album in the spirit of “we are the world” with all the artists on the album singing together. His friend is writing it already
Q: is there a plan to have any statement on the album that is legit ows – addressing the contention of co-opt issues? He will bring it to the GA to ask for endorsement…..
Q: pre-existing work covered by copyright?
A: all taken care of, approached all the appropriate companies to gain permission
Alot of back and forth about endorsement as opposed to in solidarity……
cant say that that the individual artists are giving up their license for individual songs
ANtoinio proposing open source
Puppet guild;
arts and culture affinity group on the 17th for possible civil disobedience, people dressed as forest and shrubs to distract the nypd who may or may not be arrested, asking for 100$ for foam to attach shrubbery with. time sensitive
Antonio: Occupy wallstreet journal presented sept 26th
not the same as the occupied wallstreet journal
idea is a spoof journal which has funny comedic overtones on the front and arts and culture on the back. idea was to also um to make it where there would be a space in the park where people submit headlines for the next day, interactive where people are allowed to fill in their headlines manually with a pen…. looking for help to illustrate people’s submissions
meant to be two things both collaborative and also for outreach drop in subways to linger around…. a phantom newspaper…..
RObert segal came in with an emergency announcement that the GA is getting shut down with a call for support to go help with stopping a rougue group from interupting and stopping the GA from taking place RIGHT NOW
back to the proposal:::::
asking for funding $50 for today
also asking for collaborations from volunteers
someone made a suggestion that sometimes the first 50 copies are more expensive so go larger? find a printer that might donate? antonio can get estimates for very large budgets
then he asked for advice…..
BACK to revisiting proposals
Joe raised the issue that there are three days where no one can get funded and we are losing 3 days…..
discussed different issues…
zach- not concerned with individual proposals, changing process worries him, but he is not blocking!
alma- if we consense on this be transparent and put in nycg that we consensed about these particular proposals but the larger issue of funding of projects under 100$ for daily budget needs to be figured out ie days we dont have meetings….
antonio- clarification- do you attend all proposal meetings?
zach- no, i dont think this has been discussed before
antonio- money only to go for proposal days? written document online saying this?
alma- friendly amendment – allot money for mon and sunday for time sensitive issues, but tues there is a meeting
joe- can i change mine to $75, so all three proposals get funded?
alma- lopi can you drop yours $25?
lopi- yes!
woo hoo positive temp check – $200 to go to fund joe, lopi and antonio’s proposals
antonio – not time sensitive
g- thread on website include monday alotment – time sensitive proposals?
alma – I will put thread about proposing all this to forum

back to discussing Jason’s “occupy this record” and the difference between asking for endorsement and offering solidarity. Asking how to get twinkle fingers about the proposal. People suggested that he post his mission statement and his intentions on this forum for people to have a look at for a week, go to GA and announce his project, ask for submissions from occupiers who are musicians and then come back a week later to get the blessing of arts and culture to then return to the GA and announce again if a and c consenses that we give  it our blessing….



(minutes by Lopi and Juliana with a battery failure and rescue by Kristin with analog recording using pen and paper)

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