minutes from 3/27/12 OSEC mtg

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attendees:  elizabeth, george, niral, sean, akshat
  • Rich is going to help spread the word on the April 16th hearing in DC, once details are finalized.  He will find a web form for supporters to tell their Reps and Senators to support the VR and send their staff to our hearing.  We will circulate the text of the petition and then once finalized, blast it on twitter.  Also Rich will get in touch with Occupy friends from around the country to get them to email blast it as well so we get nationwide support.
  • Consensus was to finalize CFTC by Wednesday, April 4.  So, the Questions Doc goes offline at midnight that night.  A couple of sections now have more than 1 person working on them. We should edit and submit by April 9.
  • SIFI – we are doing a book club on the new Fed Rulemaking for “Enhanced Prudential Standards”, starting next week.  Submission deadline is April 30.

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