minutes from 2/19 meeting

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Attendees: Larissa, Mel B, Mel G, PJ, Kathleen, Alexis, Simran



march 4th deadline for the logo if we want to have a banner; needs to be finished up ideally by the end of this week so we can produce materials. We also need $ to print a banner.


Mel G: direct action painters is on strike b/c they have no $. We thought DAP was gonna paint the logo on a banner for us but apparently this is no longer an option. Can we paint it ourselves?


PJ: I have things to show people, but it’s hard since we’re on the phone. Larissa took a great picture but we need to post it.


Mel G: We can post it on our Facebook.


Larissa: I put together some pins. They’re very easy to make. I can make more, we can make them together! I was hoping to show them to people today.


Mel B: How many have you made?


Larissa: 7


Mel B: in terms of the banner, let’s decide what is the first event we’re planning to use it for, and work backwards from there.


Kathleen: Can we send the photos out to a listserve?


Larissa: I’ll post them to the listserve, that works.



There was a discussion about the 3-day limit and whether that is a reasonable amount of advance notice. It was mentioned that a conference call isn’t good for group cohesion, and is disconnecting.


It was mentioned that we shouldn’t assume folks aren’t coming just because they don’t email the list and say they’re not coming. If we hadn’t had the conference call, there would have been at least 4 of us at 60 wall st.


It has been disheartening to see the low attendance. SHould we think of new days?


We need at least in person meeting a week that 90% of us can make. We can use maestro for conference calls.


It was discussed that it may not just be 60 wall st, but the structure of the meetings. Often they are conversations, and less task-focused. We should think about what is the best way to run our meetings. Maybe a 3 day rule for changing meeting is unrealistic, but 2 hours before the meeting isn’t good either. At least a full day’s notice is best.


It was mentioned that being firm in our dates and structure may help.


One of the things safer spaces does is we always decide who will facilitate the following meeting in the current meeting. There is always a facilitator, and they send out agenda items before the meeting. It creates an impetus for people to go.


it was mentioned 60 wall st may not be conducive to meetings anymore. other groups are able to have good meetings, so i’m not convinced it’s the space. would strongly still have two in person meetings.


it used to be nice to have a meeting before spokescouncil


POI: b/c of some of the violence in recent GAs the facilitation WG is leaning hard in the direction of no longer facilitating until violence is addressed.


Suggestion: Designate a facilitator at each meeting that would facilitate the next meeting (Tues mtg decides the following Tes mtg, Sun will decide the following Sun facilitator). ***Consensus!***


Suggestion: decision to cancel or postpone any meeting must happen by 5pm of the day before the meeting.


Suggestion: stricter rules on when mtgs can get canceled.


Suggestion: let’s just not cancel meetings. I’ve had good meetings with just 2 people.


To be discussed on listserve:

– changing mtg location

– one mtg per week on con call


March 10th Event

we are invited to a march for intl women’s day. 1pm-4pm. (march 10th)

broadway to union sq.

not clear what the group is that’s inviting us. sounds like a couple of women got together and decided to do it.

any reason we wouldn’t want to join?


suggested it would be fun to have a costume-making party/class for the March 10th action. Mel B offers to find a space if we can agree on a date beforehand.


Q: would the superhero stuff be for March 8th or March 10th?


Suggestion: This Tuesday Feb 21st at 6pm we meet to decide what to make in terms of costumes.

Suggestion: Dedicate next Sunday’s meeting to prop making. ***CONSENSUS***


March 8th Event

women occupy put out a call to action against bank of america (march 8th, a thursday). idea: superhero action.


it was mentioned it’s hard to do something during the day on march 8th.


Links in a google doc with ideas about OWS Women, links to other videos about OWS women.


Next steps: need someone to videotape the gathering, need someone to table, and need a speaker


Larissa has a tripod and can bring it on the 8th.


Kathleen and PJ have volunteered to table.


kathleen mentioned that we’d need to edit any video we took. what does encuentro need?


encuentro had asede if anyone was a writer and wanted to write up a bit about the event. maybe the wow media group would like to do this. but the video is not required, they were just making a suggestion.


they’d like someone to do a blog post.

to discuss via listserve:

– who will speak?

– who’d like to blog about the event?


Text Group

Mel is making a phone text group. Talk to Mel G for details! So the caucus can be more connected.


to get on, text @wowsnyc to the number 23559


q: it asks for a username, what is that?


Email list


Suggestion: Change the settings in the google group so the default is reply to sender not reply to group. We do not have consensus on this. ***CONSENSUS*** Mel G will change this setting after the call.


The rest of the following suggestions will be incorporated into a set of Email Guidelines:

Suggestion: to bring things to meeting rather than the email list so we talk in person more.


Suggestion: not advertising events and using the calendar instead.


some feel the emails aren’t too many and that this is what a caucus should be about, we want to communicate.


suggestion to have clear subject headings.


our meetings might be stronger if we give ppl incentive to come to the mtgs instead of having all conversations having online



March 4th event

Feminist GA is still planning the march 4th event.


Fem GA planning mtg is the 28th


Outreach for Fem GA: we put together a list of the organizations we wanted to reach out to. we agreed we’d all take 2 orgs. and see if they wanted to help plan and/or participate.


Kathleen will reach out to domestic workers.


Does anyone have any problems with the blurb?


Thank you and goodnight!

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  1. Palma Ryan

    Could I be put on your list serve? I am a member of Occupy Maine. It is my goal to initiate a Women’s Caucus. I can use support and mentoring.
    Thanks, Palma Ryan palmaeryan@gmail.com