Minutes from 21 October

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Introductions and interests in Env. Solidarity WG:

Global warming

Outward looking. ensure this movement based in Sustainability. Coal

Enironmental justice issues in the city – outreach

Fracking and MTR

Tar sands and getting OWS folks down to DC for dec. 6th

November 26th action about fracking

So many issues. Figuring out where to put energy.

Anti fracking. (history in community garden struggle)

DA group. Spectra pipeline and hydro fracking in general.


Brainstorming what this group will be doing.

Outreach etc.

How to bring environmental issues to focus here at OWS.

– OWS doesn’t have it’s own agenda. It is just the forum. Creating a working group is the best way to do it. (under the DA working group?) – We are already an official WG and the DA group wants to support other

Bunch of us supported the SANE energy group around spectra pipeline.

Breakout group in DA today about next steps. 31st October

Can get spectra letter signed

Could do a press release about OWS and Environmental justice it could be our group charter. To ground OWS in sustainability principles.

Be cool to make working definitions about sustainability etc. writing a document – added to charter doc.

“What is fracking” focusing specifically on the one issue. As well as supporting others who come with different issues

All species day. – highlighting the non human 99%

Saturdays are when there are big action. They are focused. Big publicised even on a weekend. Put weight of OWS behind. could be great to have and enviro focused one. Nov 21st (hydro fracking decision). Sat before that?

Keystone pipeline – is the most carbon intensive project in north america. Is another issue that is relevant. And just around the corner.

Ellie can put up these evnts on the NYCGA website

NYC environmental justice. Brown fields and waste treatment centres. NYC Environmental Justice Alliance. WEACT. Learn what they’re working on. Green spaces issues. We could invite them to do teach-in (regular teach-in?)

– Hard to know the best way to get the word out.

– WG report back. / announcements at GA

– Coordination meeting

– education and empowerment – Louis to get contact

– Luna is getting involved with outreach WG.

– There’s a guys at the park with tar sands sign. We can do that.

Make a specific proposal to DA about the 6th November. Need to get it passed through the DA group. Experienced folks. Not GA? Not either or. But announce at the GA also.

DC is far away. Do we want to do a solidarity action instead?

Using the people power of OWS. DA group keeps growing because there are lots of people just wanting to plug in. and it’s useful for DA if small groups do planning and then plug in.

trip to occupy new haven – we could do something similar “field trip to Occupy DC and keystone pipeline action”

Mass call for carpooling

funds available in GA fund.

Bolt bus $20 per person.

What’s the action about. Holding obama accountable. Year to the day before the election. Symbolic action.

Personally feel better about putting my energy into something direct. Although symbolic stuff is important too.

wrapping up/next steps

Press release/charter. – specify the types of change we would endorse?

– Seminar. Religious action. Info about calling rep in DC. Phone was ringing off the hook. 12 people calling. Josh fox asked people to call govenor’s and reps offices.

– We endorse a diversity of tactics.

Solidarity action vs getting people to DC?

Melina – will get intouch with the organisers of DC and see what they think

Luna can put in energy to get people out there Hannah and louis also

Luna getting intouch with big enviro groups to help out.

Still to go through DA to promote and recruit – Louis


Charter / press release – Ellie (be she’s leaving) and Luna.

stuff we’ll work on:

Tar sands (6th nov)

Fracking stuff. (21st nov)

Charter/Press Release. (ASAP)


Next meeting sunday at 4pm

Id it possible to alternate midday meetings and evenings for workers (to be discussed next meeting)

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