Minutes from 1/3/2012

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January 3, 2012

Occupy Wall Street Anti-War Working Group Meeting

Agenda Items

  1. OWS Working Group Compliance

    1. Anti-war working group is now an official OWS working group

    2. Regulations say groups need to hold meetings at least once a week + must publish minutes once a week to the OWS website + must have at least 5 members in attendance at each meeting

    3. If above lapses for 3 weeks the group is out of compliance

    4. We have 30 days to come into compliance

    5. Proposed = continue to meet every other Tuesday and add an additional, optional meeting to work on certain issues

    6. No objections to rules for compliance

  1. January 11 action in Washington D.C. against Guantanamo Bay prison

    1. Should the group try to get money to rent a bus to take members to DC or should we organize sister action here in NYC?

    2. Amnesty International representative: AI has already filled one bus and is looking to fill more – it will cost $30 round trip and leave NYC at 6:30 am on the 11th, leaving DC for NYC at 4pm – for more information, contact sagibgalai@gmail.com

    3. A coalition of 54 organizations has been working on this action for a year – will create a human chain to shame the US for holding people in indefinite detention

    4. World Can’t Wait also has buses going from NYC – they are free for those who want to go but cannot afford transportation – sign up at worldcantwait.net

    5. Proposal – in addition to promoting the buses to DC, we should organize sister action in NYC

    6. A sub-group will form through the working group email list to plan the sister action in NYC

  1. January 15, MLK Day Candlelight Vigil

    1. Global event – all vigils will be held at 7pm local time on the 15th

    2. NYC event will be at Strawberry Fields in Central Park – meet at 6:45 pm (near 72nd Street)

    3. Proposal – find MLK speech given at Riverside Church and use his words – at the vigil and on the OWS website

    4. Alice will send the text to the group

  1. Nuclear Disarmament

    1. European demo was held to get money spent on nuclear weapons used instead for human needs – from this came a proposal to get the NY and Moscow OWS groups to draft a document on taking money spent on nuclear weapons and spending it on human needs instead

    2. Proposal – our working group should become involved in drafting this text

    3. A sub-group will form for this purpose through the working group email list


    1. Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test – given to high school juniors for the purpose of recruiting them into the military, using the personal information the students give on the test.

    2. Proposal – spread the word about a letter writing campaign happening now – write or email the 18 NYS Regents and ask them to make “option 8” the default option for what information is sent to the military by schools that administer this test – option 8 sends no information to military recruiters. There is a letter already written available – Barbara will send it around to the group (it is also on the PANYS website here: http://panys.org/WordPress/2011/12/counter-recruitment-letter-writing-campaign/)

  1. UNAC event in March – planning for NATO and G8 Summit in Chicago in May

    1. Invitation to group to participate in the UNAC anti-war conference happening March 23-25 in Stamford, CT, where a list of priorities for the anti-war movement will be voted upon + there will be workshops, speakers, etc. – we can bring our own proposals to the conference as well

    2. For more information, see www.unacpeace.org

  1. Chambers Street recruitment stations

    1. Proposal – to have the group plan an action at which people flood the 4 recruiting stations at the same time and mic check to each other – then march to Stuyvesant High School and BMCC to flyer students

    2. A date will be proposed online for this action

    3. There is a regular Wednesday protest at the Chambers Street recruiting centers at noon every week

  1. Anti-Drone Speaking Tour

    1. Nick is planning this tour – to go to Congressional districts of representatives on the pro-drone caucus

    2. First stop will be in Brooklyn in Ed Townes’ district, March 7 – 10

    3. There will be 3 large drone replicas that will go to different parts of the district each day

    4. Asking for people to help flyer during the day to alert neighborhood residents about the dangers of drones

    5. There will be speakers at night

    6. Anyone interested in helping with the Brooklyn action please contact Nick

  1. Iran

    1. A sub-group will form on the working group email list to work on preventing war with Iran


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