Minutes from 12/20/11 meeting

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- There was a discussion of potential visits from the press

- There was discussion about potentially writing a letter to the editor to the Financial Times in response to their two recent articles about the Volcker Rule

- We discussed the questions we’d like to ask the SEC:

  • What is their approach to splitting up the questions? Do different questions go to different employees?
  • Would the be willing to meet with us, preferably after the comment period is over?
- We discussed some of the recent comment letters that have already been submitted at the Federal Reserve Board site: http://www.federalreserve.gov/generalinfo/foia/index.cfm?doc_id=R-1432&doc_ver=1&ShowAll=Yes
- We decided on a meeting time for next week: Thursday, Dec 29th at 7pm, meet at Whole Foods upstairs tables.

2 Responses to “Minutes from 12/20/11 meeting”

  1. FogOfWar

    @alexis — believe it’s common practice for agencies to meet with concerned parties during the comment period. OWS is definitely a concerned party…

    • alexis

      I actually had a call with someone from the SEC, said we could easily set up a meeting!