Minutes from 12/15 and 12/22

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Minutes from 12/15.

Attendance:  Ted, Stuart, Diane, Chelsea, Dave, Ken,

Discussed plans for occupation of NH primary.  Went over proposal, but agreed to postpone presentation while we work with Paul Getsos from DA.

Ted will contact other occupations he works with.

Diane and Stuart will work on communications and logistics.

Others will work on finding other interested parties.

After meeting we went and talked to other groups to create awareness and interest.



Attendees:  Ted, Diane, Stuart, Chelsea, David, Ken, Tracie

Went over progress of plans for Occupy NH primary.

All voiced concern about things moving to slowly and making sure we kept input with DA.

Should we just go to GA and try for funding for van, etc.

Stuart and Diane will draft new proposal and strategy for trip.

Split up early.  Stuart went to DA meeting to make announcement.

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