Minutes from 11/9 WOW pre-spokes council meeting

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**Proposals were to:
(1) Have a single “Women’s Caucus” that would be an umbrella for multiple groups: feminist groups//women’s issue groups, and groups who work against homophobia and violence.  The multiple groups would then be sub-committees within the umbrella.

The proposal would mean that all of the groups within the umbrella would share a spoke.  There was major disagreement on whether sharing a spoke be possible because the groups differ on who can be a member of their group- which raises the possibility that someone who is a member of one group -and unable to join another- could wind up being spoke for a group that wouldn’t allow that person membership.

(2) Do not have a single Women’s Caucus- and instead- because of the political differences between WON and WOW- each group should from different caucuses- each with their own spoke.  WOW (now WFBI) has a number of groups that it would like to be affiliated//work with within a caucus.

**In discussion on how to work as a caucus, WOW members discussed whether the name “Women’s Caucus” and “WOW” is truly representative of those who are involved.  (This was pretty rushed- and right before people were going to run to the spokescouncil)  It seemed to be tentatively decided that WOW would be WFBI (Women and Female Bodied and Identified) in order to clearly state that female identified persons (both born and trans) and female-born-male-identifed persons are all welcome in the group.

**There was extensive discussion on the history of the formation of WOW and WON.  Again I took marginal notes- there was major disagreement.
Melanie stated that there has been some form of the Women’s Caucus since the second week of OWS- following a a rape/molestation (as note taker- I’m not sure which).  WON split from WOW//people involved with WOW because WON wants a space for only women identified people (not women-born-male-identified, not male born-male-identified).

– Where and When the next meeting will happen
– Method of setting future meetings
– Future actions/goals

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