Minutes from 1/17/12

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Working Group Name: OWS Antiwar
Meeting Date/Time: 1/17/12 6:00 pm
Location: Atrium 60 Wall St.
Meeting Number: 2?
Attendees: 13

Report Backs:
1.1.1 ASVAB Letter writing campaign

Agenda Items:
1.1.1 Joint declaration between the assemblies of Moscow and New York.
Small group drafted a declaration. Jonathan announced the project at
the GA. Tried to put it on the GA agenda for last Saturday (1/14/12).
We didn’t discuss it with the facilitator ahead of time which caused a
delay. Can the OWS Antiwar group approve a draft? Then we’ll go back
to the GA.

Is this the Moscow GA?

This was adopted by Moscow on Dec. 22. The idea was to combine our drafts.

What about propagating the proposal around the US and Russia? It’s
exciting that OWS is discussing disarmament.

Who in Spain is discussing this?

Did the GA in Spain approve this?

I don’t know.

I have reservations. How will this play out in the real world. The US
uses the disarmament argument as a weapon against defiance and
independence. I can’t support this. We’re all for disarmament, but…

The US has thousands of weapons. It’s an important step.

I think anything coming from Russia to the US opposing armaments is good.

This seems like a rehash of the nonproliferation treaties. We have to
give up nukes unilaterally. Everyone’s responsible for their own

How much more time do we want to spend on this?

Are we going to vote on this tonight?

I propose we take these suggestions and put up a new draft.

I propose that changes be made and we vote next meeting.

We should come to consensus before we send this to the GA.

Let’s discuss it by email.

If we don’t agree then we’ll vote.

We may not have consensus.

If there’s blocks we’ll keep going.

Two weeks is our next meeting.

We’ll talk about our next meeting. What do we want to do now?

I don’t like the two week deadline.

Can I make some comments about the comments? If the proposal isn’t
clear enough, we have to change it. Iran doesn’t have nukes. The US
and Russia do.

I just want to add that the whole point of OWS is because the process
of government is in the real life realm. We have to be in our own

New York has higher minimum wage because OWS created pressure. We
don’t have to create legislation.

I think we’re done with this now? We’ll reach consensus later.

1.2.1 War with Iran.

There should be a huge demonstration.

This was presented in Charlottesville [Draft Charlottesville City
Council for Peace Resolution Vote Jan. 17]. It’s coming to vote today.

I had a meeting with a city council person and sometimes they decide
what to push.

The first thing this group should do is request money to create a
website on Iran.

I’m not excited about city council lobbying. Tonight at nine there’s a
call about organizing over Iran.

I was part of the Iraq demonstration. I don’t know if an Iran
demonstration will do anything.

Let’s set up an Iran war website. I brought an Iranian version of my
book to show you. It says something important. “Where Lenni said six
million Jews were killed by the Nazis, it could not be greater than
one million.” In 2006 Ahmadinejad organized an anti-holocaust meeting
with David Duke. We can’t be the defender of the Iranian regime.

Has this group received money from the GA?

Funds are frozen.

People are skeptical about giving out money.

I still think we should make a website.

There’s something happening at Berkeley.

We can’t get event info out on the main website.

Can we take consensus on mass action on Iran?

Can we discuss with Direct Action?

Shouldn’t we go to the GA and ask for a national action?

I don’t think we can plan the mass action, but we can put out a call
for one and ask for the support of OWS, UNAC, etc. Let’s have a

Does anyone want to be on the subcommittee?

1.3.1 Afghanistan.

In 2008 military families took a position against Afghanistan. We have
soldiers there. They’re killing and being killed. It’s our moral
responsibility to continue to resist. It’s an election issue. I’d like
to propose a subgroup on Afghanistan.

1.4.1 Chambers St. Recruiting Stations. They want to do a mic check in
all the recruiting stations.


1.1.1 Obama Fundraiser Protest. Thursday 1/19/12 6pm. Apollo Theater.
It’s significant if OWS can be there.

If anyone wants signs we have them at War Resisters League. 339 Lafayette. 7 pm.

I would like to email Nellie Bailey and have OWS Antiwar be on their
list of supporters. I’ll email her tonight.

1.2.1 Military Families Speak Out Fundraiser at Connolly’s Pub (45th
st. btw. 6th and 7th ave.) Sunday, Feb. 19. 3-6pm. $10.00 suggested

1.3.1 Commentary has attacked OWS in latest issue. I’ll send it to
everyone. We can respond to their attack.

1.4.1 Let’s ask for money to make leaflets. UNAC conference coming up.
Muslim Peace Coalition is bringing 200. Meeting is important
organizing tool. Chicago city council votes on protest guidelines
tomorrow. UNACpeace.org to learn more.

1.5.1 Next Tuesday is a meeting on the Moscow Resolution. Atrium 60
Wall St. @6pm?

1.6.1 Two weeks from today (1/31/12) is the next general meeting of OWS Antiwar.

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