Minutes from 11/11/11 A&C general meeting

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Noah- facilitator, Noelle- stack, James- minutes.

First time with minutes for me people. Excuse that they are kinda crappy, please.

There were about 16 in attendance. meeting length approximately 80-90 minutes.

Noah: lets have report backs from guilds, sub groups, actions.

temp check- yes


Rika: We are working on events around the holidays. One is collaborating with the puppet guild and also Black Friday in the theater district.

Claire: Two separate events, one in November and one in December.

(more was said about this and I suggest you check with the performance guild for more details. I was not up to speed just yet with my note taking. Although I don’t believe this was talked about long enough to get a consensus.)

Puppet Guild

Joe: report back- We are in a great space now till December, raising funds to give Great Small Works, via kickstarter for $1000. Also are planning a traveling performance in Time Square. Playing with the idea of mayor as lead role. Mayor Scroogeberg. There are big ideas, tall things. other artists are gaining interest. Looking for consensus, yet will be self funded. Project that A&C supports? 3 to 5 minute vignettes.

support shown, enthusiasm, “twinkle” hands

Occupy Museums

Blithe: Occupy Museums in conjunction on Wednesday 11/9 with Art Handlers Union at Sotheby’s. It was pretty great. (one of largest auctions all year with full attendance of the 1%.) Started at Liberty Park 4-4:30, gathering Occupiers to join Occupy Museum group. Got on subways heading to Sotheby’s. 15 to 20 people. Occupied subways on trip. Handed out information, flyers, talked to people, mic check. Joined Teamsters at Sotheby’s. Hunter students joined the line. Then NYU students came and members of the Music Union also joined. Pretty awesome.

Noah: Any other questions for groups?

James: Printed Matter tomorrow, 12 to 5, 195 10th Ave. Inside space talk Sunday at 4pm. Look on NYCGA.net for details.

Noelle: perhaps some one can be more in depth about Spanish Harlem, El Barrio info?

Noah: I can help with that. We went to a GA in Harlem. and in Brooklyn. We were invited for the movement, Justice in the Barrio, Encuentro. It was inspired by the Zapatistas. We attended. They fight landlords who drive out public housing, for big money developers. They are very grassroots. They have a Mexican base. Going from door to door through public housing blocks. Encuentro, is December 4th. It will be a big party. With other working groups invited. We can bring the arts.

Claire: Email them address and name if you want to attend. It would be very cool for us to go. They want official endorsements before they go to the GA. They have other WG endorsement already.

Noah: Temp check for stack?


Barrio proposal stack

Claire: I don’t know if any one here can really answer any questions.

James: Is there a website?

Claire: don’t have a lot of paper work, not sure on website. you can definitely find them online.

Claire: I can tell you they are in solidarity with the Zapatistas.

James: I believe we should absolutely do this. It completely matches our ideology. A&C needs to take some action. This is a great opportunity.

Tim: I am concerned about leaping into this. We may not know enough about the entire platform. We may need to find out more.

Claire: They are in solidarity with LBGT, Women, Public Housing, they do not deal with politicians, they are grassroots, they occupy, protest, occupy landlords, got one kicked out. They have gathered the support of 60 Housing blocks in East Harlem.

Tim: 16 or 60?

Claire: 60

Claire: This is something we could learn from. We are empowered to make a decision here. I don’t think we need to get more support.

Blithe: Other groups from OWS have endoresed this. A&C should do more coalition. We should not wait, we should go for it.

Noah: We could help make costumes, A&C could bring art to the December 4th party.

John: point of clarification- are we endorsing the party or the whole group.

Claire: Encuentro, about finding out who the groups are. Who they are looking for. Not sure if they want funds or just endorsement.

Noah: They have been around since 2004. they have won big battles.

Claire: My understanding is it is a “Get to know you party”. State our struggles, “We have a common enemy”

Noah: restate proposal, Giving endorsement to the collaboration with as many people going to En Cuentro in joint action. With no obligation for endorsement for funding.

Claire: you need to email for guaranteed (RSVP). They want to know how much food to prepare and other supplies.

Noelle: Reaching out to El Barrio that A&C will attend and support?

Consensus reached


Noelle: Any one that wants to be involved with Direct Action next Friday, 11/17, please contact me. There are many cool things being planned.

Noah: Anyone able to describe 11/17 and what will happen?

Noelle: There will be many actions, and people are encouraged to do what they want. But please no destruction of property. Call out to people that want to build or performers.(there was more said here, please reach out to Noelle for more info)

Joe: Puppet Guild will have breakfeast group. (please contact Joe for more info). Will also meet at Foley Square 4-5:30pm. Marching to location. TBA.

Blithe: Arts and Labor plans first action on 11/17. Encourages everyone to go into community, Occupy your Block. Also Occupy Lunch @ the High Line. Call to art workers, gallerists. 12:30 to 2pm. Having a GA around the issues of Arts and Labor. The law of the High Line is that assembly can be no more than 20 people. Divide into groups forcing police to tell us how far apart we can be from each other. Lunch will be served, it is located in the W20s of the High Line.

Noelle: Need a banner, I will make one?

Blithe: Sure!

Claire: People should get Direct Action training. Go to Direct Action group on GA site.

Noelle: November 14th and 15th, 1:30-3:30 and 4:30 -6:30. Nov 16th 5:30 to 7:30.(please contact Noelle about these dates)

Daniel: NYU proposal- works with Riley, who has been to A&C several times. They have created a group of NYU students. 400 plus have signed up. It will be a 11/17 campaign. They are aware the trustees of NYU are Wall Street execs. Event will be held in Business School. Will make a large paper mache Wall Street Bull. It will be filled with fake money. A picure of the president of the board of NYU will be put on the face of the bull. Slogan for the event will be “Cut the Bull”. People will hit bull like piñata and money will come out. Asking for money to make the Bull. Also asking for Occupiers to come and help make the Bull.

Rachel: Do you have other funding?

Daniel: no funding

Rachel: Often universities have budgets.

Daniel: No one has access to the budgets and if we did it would never be approved. This is by far our only source of funding.

Rachel: Does any one else need funding?

A&C: Occupy Lunch.

Blithe: (has proposal form for $100 for occupy lunch) We need $100 to make sandwiches with wax wrapping and stickers saying, ”you deserve a break”. Art labor never takes lunch break. Will make PB&J sandwiches and have hummus. With wrapping and stickers, budget comes to $105.00

Julianna: The budget has to be made and filed with receipts within 24 hours.

James: it can be 24 hours before or after.

Blithe: ok.

Understanding Blithe’s budget should be within 24 hours of event.

Noah: Temp check on $100 for paper mache Bull for artist group from NYU?

Adelle: Will it be documented and publicized?

Daniel: yes, it will. This is a great photo op.

Noah: any blocks?

Noah: Consensus approved for Daniel to be reimbursed for receipts from this NYU project.

Rachel: Proposal- two poster additions of flow chart diagram art. Asking for $2,114.13. This includes $250 for artist prints. And $0.42 per unit for mass print. Wants GA to pay bill so all money goes back to GA.

James: Have you gone to kickstarter?

Rachel: Go through GA. So all money goes through GA. Bookstores and shops will sell it. Issues about distribution. Cheap to make, but it is perceived as valuable. All profits go to GA. Possibly other groups take a cut.

Tim: Hard to get through GA, unless all issues of pricing and distribution are concrete. Things will get very complicated.

Rachel: Whether other institutions will make money is unclear.

Question: Philosophy of entire statement is not easily read. There is a lot of info.

Rachel: Call to Action from GA wrote the content. Call to Action committee gave endorsement. Major facebook campaign for input, all over Liberty park, etc. endorsed it.

Blithe: there are so many posters out there, there is no risk in this one being tied more to this movement. Also advocate for your own labor.

Rachel: Sweet of you to say, but the recognition from my peers and the people in this movement is pay enough. And the just good feeling of doing this is also good pay.

Noah: We are all volunteers.

Noah: temp check to moving this to GA for funding?

Consensus approved

Tommy: Art teacher- in conjunction with other art teachers- Free art education day for students. With current budget cuts in schools, need for students in schools to have art day, instruction, experience, etc. Asking for collaboration with OWS and A&C.

Noah; Consnesus?

Consensus approved

(Tommy will be back with specifics)

?: Occupy Opera. Please contact us with info regarding this.

Arianna: proposal- Audio Walking Tour of Wall Street- rise and fall of the stock exchange. Provides history and background of NYSE. Information for the movement as a whole. Twp options: Leave all materials and have it down loadable, or, organize an event on a Sunday. Have it endorsed and publicized. Info and questions at the end of self guided tour. Visit curbexchange.org.

Rachel: you should also make a facebook event page for this

Arianna: This could be ongoing, we could leave it in the library.

Blithe: before the event you should do a people’s mic announcing it. There is always success with people’s mic with something like this.

James: I have had luck with gathering people with People’s mic also. DO it in a few spots in the park.

Noelle: Also 11/17 action is looking for an educational event, you should do it in conjunction with them as well.

Daniel: You should make a video recording of the tour also to promote it.

Noah; temp check for endorsing the self guided audio tour of the rise and fall of the NYSE?

Consensus approved

Group growing restless.

Noah: any more proposals?

Noah: I have one more proposal. From Ahda who came here for the beginning of the meeting but could not stay. She had question about the term “guild” if a better word could be “circle”?

(people seem approving of the change in terminology, yet also consider the larger group and guilds not represented.)

Noah: Bring it up right now?

A growingly tired A&C decide to table it.

Noah: How do we close this meeting?

A&C: Call it closed.

Noah: this meeting is closed.

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