Minutes from 10/22/ Coordinators meeting

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I’m working with Internet to get the minutes uploaded to the proper Coordinators Meeting Minutes section but until we get that worked out, I’ll go ahead and upload them here. Pls let me know if you need anything. – Haywood


Beginning of meeting:

Please be time. Facilitator arrives 5-10 earlier, prepare the area for the meeting. Some reinforcement: if late you can only be a monitor of the meeting unless decided otherwise.

Who are are auditors? This must be known at the beginning—this may change the nature, info shared at the the meeting. If from the press, they should leave. Need to know who is speaking. All cluster for each group, the same group can sit together.

Identify and sit together.

Timekeeper: each report back has one minute.

These meetings have tended to be informal so need to be flexible at each. This is a reference point for making the meetings more efficient.

Decide on the next meetings moderator. If cannot be moderator it is your responsibility to find another.



Agenda Issues:


1. De-Escalation

2. Kitchen Working Gp. Jail workers spoke with Deputy Chief of Staff of Manhattan Borough President, wants to meet to discuss what he can do for us, what we can for us


Report back:

Sean/ PR group:

Justin/ SIS: new process for supplies. You will make a list for the worksite, and someone from SIS will escort the person through supply due to a theft

Mike/OWS-Spanish. Keep sensitizing people to diverse language

Loren/Facilitation: outreach to faith based organizations for meeting. Concerned about safety

Johnson, Vermont School Paper

City Council: trying to get restriction on park. Bloomberg enforce on marches that do not have permits (this is all marches for OWS)

Haywood/Info: report

Jose/Medical: man on red sculpture, 5pm 60 WallStreet Adrian Space safelty security, drug use, sexual violence. Stakeholders need to be present

March to Union Sq: leaving at 2pm. Anit police brutality

Justin/Chapel Hill Occupation. Bringing back info





Sophie: transition two info tables into welcoming table. Computers for info table needed.

Joshua/Kitchen: big things, some businesses that we are trying to work with and need to branch out with other groups. Support, but no logos. Don’t want to get co-opted. Phone streams for the parks

Internet/Solution: streamline and the goal is to coordinate technology. Key issue is hosting. GA website is on WordPress. To clarify two groups are working together as one team.

Casper/de-escalation: calm down the individual, deter the behavior. The situation on the sculpture need to de-esculate






Agenda Items



Agenda Item One


De-escalation: limit to authority, at 5pm in the Atrium Space: eviction, keeping people out of the occupation. Need to put on the website. Bring all concerns to this meeting, get together after meeting

Proposal: for the funds for the uniforms for the De-escalation. Couple of times that walkie showed up, the attitude changes in a good way. Need a point beyond that, too. Point of concern about uniforms: seems like that is too much like police. Still logistical issues that need to be worked out, needs money for walkie-talkies. The GA is now in control of the funds without going through everyone else. No way to get money for what security needs.

Agenda for GA: emergency issues get put on top. Someone from Finance should be at each meetings


Report back for late arrival:

Performing Arts group: tents, theater, and music. More festivities, visuals, positive images through art. We have meeting 60 Wall Street at 3pm. Arts and Culture have been involved.


Agenda Item 2


Kitchen: Correctional Officers is a big supporter of ows. In contact with Deputy Chief of Staff. Speaking with urban planners. Working groups please meet afterward to discuss this in more depth.


The meeting is TBA announced with Dep Chief of Staff, is there anything they can do Manhattan Borrough President is supportive when other

Coordinate with other working groups before the meeting to be sure there is no co-optation.

There is a chance this could be a good cop/bad cop scenario.

Should this meeting be advertised or private? Transparency or keep it quiet until more is known?

How do we build this with sensitivity? There may be a lot of people screaming about co-optation.

Let Community Outreach handle this and support groups should just keep things going.

Sponsors who are in support of OWS , but who don’t want to do it officially. Any person/politician who wants to donate, they can go to the website to donate. There are ways to donate already, let’s use those. Still concerned this is a political platform, so he should go through the channels

Decided that this should be a breakout issue.


Nicholas/Tea House: bought 120 ceramic cups by last night there were 14. System to solve this: stainless mugs for everyone who can take care of their own vessels. Nicholas has not started a meeting as he just started 2 days ago.

Raphael and Armando/Occupy Virginia Beach: Support of OWS



Agenda Item 3:

Should we have media present? Identify press and ask them to leave. One prefers not to have media-this is the space for getting work done without media. The concern is that there should be no worry about spin/issues. Proposal: media should contact PR and they let them know when they want media involved in the meeting.

Community relations has addressed this, ask if any press is there if there are sensitive issues and let them

Beth: from media, transparency is wonderful, but we have tried with NY Post and FOX news and they have a specific spin.

POI on FOX news: this was a more balanced team in FOX on site.

For these meetings we could do without the media. We do not need them here.

We do not have a mechanism for expelling anyone from the media. Can’t actually tell them to leave, can only request.

Propose: open for the press right now? Do not have consensus, proposal: ask the press to leave to in response to those who have concerns.

Press left the meeting.

Closing stack.


PR said no press for working meetings. Inform the press after the meetings.

Agenda Item 4


Structure Committee

Discuss the situation about spokes council

Final decision: new proposal printed, final consensus blocked by 14 people, tabled until teach-ins can happen. Will come back to the GA on Wednesday. No blacklist. Spokes COuncil is arrangement so it is a way for the groups to share info. Not to replace the GA.

POI: Hoping to have updated version of proposal by Sunday night so there would be plenty of time to look over it before the Wednesday meeting.

No one is here from Structure group.

Shen: Spokes Council was significant, but not the main decision making body of Tianamen Square. Grassroots structure, pro is that is quite close to direct democracy. Con: still doesn’t scale if there are lots of people.

Some voice that GA should not decide on whether we can have spokes council.

Issues surrounding the Spokes council were aired.


Structure Working Group member present

Jose: Convening the Spokes council before the GA approves. The groups just need to organize. Most people in structure would agree to this. Then bring it back to GA on Wednesday.

Money issues are a concern.


Many working groups have their own donation bins and finance is not meeting the needs of the working groups so the groups keep the money rather than turning it over to GA.

Concern: there is no accountability in the groups for the money.


Finance is not at the meeting perhaps in part to internal restructuring. Many changes for Finance, there was a productive meeting to address issues, but it was resolved. Finance will likely be fine to withholding money from Finance. They are working on issues of reporting, etc.


Structure group asks the working groups to discuss the spokes model with those that are opposed. Feels that would help the spokes model get accepted.


Anyone using money without going through finance, please be accountable and keep records.

Spokes council will make the process more accountable, working groups will hoard


Report back:

Beth/Press Table: always looking for good stories. If we don’t give them good stories they will make them up. Always need fresh stories. Strong women in working groups have them speak up.

6 pm pret a manger PR meetings


Community Relations: quality of life, noise problems speak with someone form remediations. Technology roadmaps discussed online and published.


Conclusion of meeting: Rules reiterated.


Please be on time for the next meeting:


Sunday 9am. Meeting is always at Trinity Church.


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