Minutes for Visions and Goals Working Group 1/8/12

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Vision And Goals Meeting Minutes for 1/8/12

┬áPresent: Shoshanna, Patrick (timekeeper), Bill (minutes- 1st half) Emme (minutes – 2nd half), Michael, Paul (stack), Jeff, Bill, Clint, Sati, Mary, & Richard.
1st Half
1. Discussion about “Economic Standing” Agreed to add. Will post online.
2. Natural Selection rejected
3. Reviewed botom of “page 5” of feedback material and did not see any improvements.
4. “Open Source Governance” is a tool to be used as a Goal.
5. Will work on preamble together.
6. Solidarity Discussion; solidarity added in preamble.
7. Liberty suggestion not changed.
8. Equality suggestion not changed.
2nd Half
9. Fairness – “enjoy….accept and fairly share all of society’s responsibilities.” Change accepted by group.
10. Environmental Stewardship – move a line at end into the “People Before Profit” clause. (after “a decent home…”)
insert…”abundant sources of clean, air, pure water and natural, nutritious food; and free comprehensive healthcare and education. Enivron- remove last part from “will”… and from flourish – “now and for future generations.”
End: Change to read; “It is not enough to know better; we must do better. Our social and political ideals have to be claimed and asserted by each generation. And we look forward to a day when we can shift our focus beyond the nation of individual rights toward a culture of sharing where our love and compassion for each other and for our world will be the only guides we need.”
Last: “We must live this new world in our hearts and build it with our hands.”
Meeting adjourned: 3:50PM

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