Minutes for Visions and Goals Working Group 1/29/12

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Minutes for V&G Working Group – 1/29/12 (In Washington Square Park)

Attendees: Shoshanna, Itzhak, Sati, Patrick, Yoni, Leia, Michael K.
Meeting adjourned: 1:30PM (on benches in the park)
Agenda Items: 1. Frequency of V&G meetings 2. Plan To Approach the GA for consensus.
Opened discussion on Frequency of V&G meetings.
Itzhak: Could we initiate a Doodle poll to “temp check” what day we should drop…or change in time.
Pat: We could set the poll up with the following choices:
1. Eliminate one of the three days presently scheduled.
2. Keep the same schedule.
3. Abstain (time doesn’t affect schedule)
4. Poll will be created and will be open until midnight on Sat., Feb 4th
Discussion ensued and we consented to the above items.
Next topic: Plan to Approach the GA for consensus.
Yoni: We should present with only two people instead of a whole gang of us. Consider a rotation.
Itzhak: We must reach out to all other WGs.
Sati: All suggestions must be addressed or we risk being blocked.
Yoni: Breakouts could be a useful tool.
Michael: Send an email blast to all WGs eliciting their suggestions. This was originally suggested by Ketchup Freeland.
Shoshanna: Let’s try something different like a theater presentation around the consensus issue.
Leia: We must address the issue of horizontalism and what this actually means for the process.
Discussion ensued for awhile. No proposals.
Pat: Discusses the recently added amendments to the statement. We must also find a method for rules of engagement to reach consensus.
He also mentioned that there is a discussion in the Structures WG on what constitutes a “bad” block.
Started discussion on blocks. What consists of an allowable block vs. a bogus one. We all realized it is almost impossible to get around a “moral” block since it is completely subjective.
Shoshanna: We need a solid timeline or we will go on interminably. As a living document, maybe if it ever gets passed, we could revisit it at a future time…2 months…5years…whatever. But let’s try to get it done NOW.
Itz: A big problem is that people conflate goals with visions…the addition of prison industrial complex seems to be a goal. But since someone insisted on it, we acceded and put it in the statement. I don’t think that’s appropriate.
Weather starts turning colder. We move meeting indoors to Dojo’s Restaurant at 4th & Mercer St.
Pat: Next time we should temp check anything that anyone wants to add to the statement, right on the spot.
Sati: I feel our last session with the GA went fine and we could get this through with some perseverance.
Pat: We have put our feedback out their for people’s responses but no one has given any back yet.
Shoshanna: Revision is forever. So what do we do right now?
Sati: We should go back to the GA and if we elicit a block from someone, we should invite that blocker to our meeting to explain how we could remove that person’s block. If you refuse to come, the next block you make at the GA should be invalidated.
Pat: We should bring document to GA this Saturday for approval.
Sati: Before we do, we should tinker with the feedback we receive and by meeting’s end on Thursday…we should go with whatever we consent on.
Itz: I think we should bring the document for discussion on Saturday and after that perfect the document as much as it can be perfected. Then go for final consensus.
Sati, Shoshanna & Michael: All propose changes to the document.
Final Decisions: 1. Michael will post vision statement to all Working Groups for their input and/or approval. 2. We consense to bring the document up on 2/4/12 to the GA for consensus. 3. Suggestion to bring our document to the Direct Action meeting since this is where most of the opposition resides. In person. Maybe we should do an action on direct action.
Meeting adjourned: 4:30PM

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