Minutes for Vision & Goals Working Group 2/5/12

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Vision and Goals  Meeting Minutes   2/5/12

60 Wall Street

Meeting Convened – 12:00 -ish


100% Quorum

  • Itzak
  • Michael
  • Shoshannah – Facilitation
  • Richard
  • Lisa – Minutes
  • Paul – Stack
  • Caleb
  • Leia
  • Rachael



General Discussion while waiting for Richard to return from copy shop.

Michael brought the group up to date about what was consensed last week.

Discussion continues…

Richard returns with copies of material for meeting.



  • Preamble
  • finish up with comments
  • Lisa went on stack to request that an additional item be added to the Agenda concerning the proposals, ideas, and resources submitted by members of this WG that are ignored and unacknowledged.
  •       Shoshannah concurred; having experienced this, herself, she no longer offers submissions.
  •             Shoshannah said that there would not be enough time because the preamble would take up all of the time of this meeting.



  • Shoshannah read aloud Rachael’s preamble and set up some guidelines for the meeting
  • Lisa read her preamble
  • Richard read his
  • Michael read his



  • Itzak explained that they had decided to make the preamble a one-liner because it would be difficult to get it condensed at GA if there was too much content.
  • Itzak  spoke about the idea of “voting” on some items to give us all a sense of what we want.
  • Shoshannah felt it was best to use both, the pre/post amble, b/c it functions as a cradle
  • Richard – read the collaboration preamble of Rich/Michael with 1 ‘people’ instead of the original 2 ‘people’ line.
    • Paul said that we need to hear them both again.
    • Caleb talked about the aspect of non-violence as an important topic to continually talk about  re Oakland – and that he is new to OWS.
    • Itzak said it should be short.
    • Lisa said that there must be an awesome pre/post – doesn’t matter if it is short or long
  • Temp check to decide what process to use to move forward.
  • Richard read his again and wanted to work on it w/ the group to polish his preamble.
  • Shoshannah wants to temp check to see if we will accept Rich/Michael’s
    • The group said it’s not ready and that we will all read all of them and decide what we like.
    • Temp check to work 5 more mins on Rich’s – yes.
  • Richard re-read his re-worked 1 liner and the longer one.
    • Temp checked all three Group felt that he should work on them and read them later b/c we still had 2 more to work on.
  • Lisa read her’s
    • Shoshannah said that the Military Complex was missing and that it was a more important issue than Wall St. or financial issues.
    • Richard – way too long
    • Itzak  – too specific to me and the references would be misunderstood and it would not pass at GA.
    • Caleb – disagrees with the notion of corruption with regard to Wall St. and politics  – using analogy of corrupted computer files – he claims these systems are working exactly as they were designed to – hence, there is no corruption.
    • Caleb dislikes the use of patriotism, America, etc – to nationalistic.
    • Lisa said it was included more for the philosophical content – re – America as the visionary ‘modern country’ .
    • Lisa gave props to Itzak’s critique on the use of references
  • Shoshannah read Rachael’s
    • Itzak – said none of them would pass
    • Leia– confused why we are starting over with preambles
    • Richard likes some of it and should get rid of parts we don’t like.
    • Shoshannah – agrees with Richard
    • Lisa – says we should just use what we like
  • Shoshannah – says to take a temp check to see if we want to get it done at this meeting
    • Richard read 2 versions
    • Temp check – Lisa – stand aside – only issue is about including the sentence about money and corporations b/c the whole preamble is really good as our vision and those topics seemed like current events
  • Richard took out the current events and the preamble worked beautifully and we now have a perfect preamble!
  • Done!
  • Richard will post it on the NYCGA Vision forum tonight.


Meeting adjourned at 3:45


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