Minutes for Vision & Goals 11-14-11 (part 1)

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Minutes for Monday, 11-14-2011

Scribe: Ross

Facilitators: Patrick & Zocera

Timekeeper: Natasha

Stack-taker: Jayson

In attendance

  1. Ross
  2. Sumumba
  3. Terra
  4. Bill
  5. Zocera
  6. Natasha
  7. Ted Schulman (new member) — Introduces idea about “Occupy Earth.”
  8. Dorje
  9. Patrick Conway
  10. Ted Hall
  11. Isaac Silver
  12. Jayson
  13. Nick — I like FLO (Free Libre Open-source).
  14. Camille
  15. Catherine
  16. Ed
  17. Abe 
  18. Raoul
  19. Margaret
  20. Harvey

Proposed agenda items

1. Bill’s proposed vision statement (11)

2. Sumumba’s idea of a purpose of the group/mission statement; Natasha seconds this (10)

3. Dorje interested in going over the consented-upon structure of the document; Terra seconds this proposal; Ross seconds this as well (10)

4. Natasha on the new meeting schedule (11)

5. Ted Hall on DIY “visioning” kit, how to dialogue with other Occupy groups (8)

6. Ted on the specific vision of Zuccotti Park sub-committee (9)

7. Terra on need to include freedom of speech, freedom from harassment/intimidation (6)

8. Ted a proposal on how to “chill” (13)

Order of agenda items by vote

1. How to “chill” (5 min)

2. New meeting schedule (10 min)

3. Bill’s proposal (5-10 min)

4. Mission statement (15 min)

5. Structure (15 min)

#1: Report-back on yesterday’s meeting

Sumumba gives report-back

Basically the meeting revolved around someone from the GU who put up a block on Jim’s proposal

Talked about how V&G could relate to the vision of the GU as well as the GA

Work closer with people in the park

Zocera elaborates on Sumumba’s point

Part of a larger discussion on the group’s purpose

Elissa was the person from the GU

#2: How to “chill”

Ted: Jayson brought this up earlier about how we are part of a beautiful awesome group

We need to build solidarity together.  We have a number of personalities that come into conflict over process.  We should all hang out

Bill: I think it dovetails great with the new meeting schedule

Terra: I think it sounds great.  Let’s have it off-site in a bar or something

Zocera: We could do this through e-mail, not wasting group time

Margaret: I’m from Pittsburgh; I hope to align our vision with NYC’s

Nick: I’m down at the park a lot

Harvey: I’m also from Pitt.  Extremely contentious there too

#3: New Meeting Schedule

Natasha: We meet too often.  Not enough continuity.  We don’t get much done in all this time.

(Reads proposal)

Sunday: 4-6pm

Wednesday: 6-8pm

Point of process (Abe): Facilitator needs to step back

Point of process (Ted): We should follow process

Zocera: Don’t backseat facilitate, Abe; we are opening up for questions

(Back-and-forth heated argument; Patrick calls for minute of silence)

Clarifying questions



Sumumba: Wednesday might conflict with PoC caucus

Dorje: We need more than one day off, but we need more time than this to get writing done

Abe: Skips

Raoul: I like the variety of days

Zocera: Skips

Rich: Need to prepare by reading documents

Ted: We need to define what meetings are for…consensus

Ryan: More hours per meeting to compensate

Zocera: Don’t want it to conflict with GA or Spokescouncil


Cool with moving it back to 12-3pm on Sundays

Cool with Bill’s idea of 1 day of discussion, 2 days decision-making

Will resume Wednesday (tabled)

Points of process

(chaos and confusion)


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