Minutes for Vision and Goals Working Group 2/8/12

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Meeting started at approximately 5:52PM

Michael K, Itzhak, Chris, Chitlra, WE, Sati and, about 6-8 others.

Facilitator was someone new, self-appointed. He and others starting dictating an
agenda, part of which was to consider an alternative statement to the previously
consented upon statement.

Michael: our process requires us to carry over from last meeting.

There followed a lot of screaming and confrontation about how to proceed.

Some wanted to continue with the consensus process; others to consider alternative
documents or an alternative document to replace it in its entirety, not to amend it.

Michael, Itzhak, Sati and Chris refused to participate in a meeting that violated
established Vision & Goals process. These four left the others and continued their
discussion without a quorum.

Michael and Itzhak dictated these notes post mortem to Shoshannah, at about

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