Minutes for Vision And Goals Working Group 2/23/12

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Minutes for V&G Working Group 2/23/12

Attendees: Bill, Itzhak, Chris, Sati, Patrick, Dorje, Giselle, Tony, Fatima, Joann, Noz, Lisa, Jean, Michael K., and Yoni.

Meeting begins at 5:45PM. Facilitator: Itzhak – Minutes: Michael K. Stack: Jean Timekeeper: Pat C.

Four Agenda Items:

  1. Preamble Discussion
  2. Friendly amendment to ‘People Power’
  3. Meeting schedule change
  4. Role play

Vote is taken on which order agenda items are taken up.

Lisa’s suggestion gets the most votes and is up first.

1st Agenda Item: Should we have just one person write the pre and post amble portion of the vision statement?

Because of its inherent problems, the vision statement has resulted in a bland crowd sourced document Lisa suggests that ONE person (as a friendly competition) submits their own version of a pre and post amble since there must be someone with poetic imagination that could help put some pizazz into our vision statement.

Stack is taken:

Chris and Sati both are in disagreement with this idea. This is a movement wide document and we should keep it inclusive to all for collaborative participation.

Michael: Likes the idea of having many individuals submit their ideas for a pre and post amble but the various versions must be presented to the GA where one version would be consented on.

Itzhak: We should let anyone do the pre and post amble but it wouldn’t be presented to the GA until all the bullet point items are consented first.

Joann: After we consent on a final Vision Statement, maybe one person could put the finishing touches on it.

Dorje: Once the parameters are set, then it would be OK.

After more debate, we vote on whether to adopt Lisa’s suggestion. There was a split decision so the motion was not adopted.

2nd Agenda Item: Sati’s Proposal to make change to ‘People Power’

Sati: Would like to add “individual or group” to better reflect the people power clause.

Lisa: I would just like the phrase “and no one is marginalized” taken out.

Itzhak: We’ve been working on this document for 4 months now and all of the sudden you want to change something. Leave it alone.

Sati: Shouldn’t take the attitude that’s it too late for any changes offered.

Joanne: We should compromise on both ideas.

Patrick C.: We could work on additions as we go further along in the point-by-point consensus process but for tonight you should just bring your ideas up as friendly amendments.

Itz: The train has already left the station. Let’s end this insanity.

Tony: It might cost too much or take too much time to change anything since we are going in front of the GA shortly.

The Upshot: We could not find consensus on changing anything. Lisa and Sati could bring their ideas up as friendly amendments.

3rd Item: Meeting Schedule Changes

Short discussion ensued. Our decision was that for at least the remainder of our “piecemeal” approach attempt to pass the vision statement, we will sync our meetings with the GA, therefore the new times will be Tues, Thurs, Sat from 5:30-7PM…and then it’s off to the slaughterhouse.

4th Item: Role Play

Jean: I have trouble keeping all the friendly amendments together while we are in the middle of presenting. Can anyone else help out with keeping all this stuff straight? Also make sure there are members of V&G available to help out in the ensuing breakout sessions.

Patrick C. (in role playing mode): We are we doing this at all?

Jean: To make sure that we are inclusive and that all voices get a chance to be heard

Lisa: We are doing this to produce a template of how we’d like the future to look like.

Yoni: This piecemeal process is a good one. It’s more efficient. The GA will find it more amiable.

Joanne: This document when finished will greatly help as a movement building tool.

Pat C: (in role playing mode): How can someone take something out after it’s been put in?

Lisa: On the one particular item, we decided that the addition needed to go into the “goals” section so it was taken out. We’ll deal with it when we get there with all the other major issues.

Jean: The V&G committee doesn’t arbitrarily take anything out of the document unless we consent on it and there has to be a good reason for it.

Lisa: We must explain why the document is written as it is. The words in this document shouldn’t be outside the norm.

Sati: If people in the GA don’t like it, they can spice it up.

Itzhak: ‘Governance’ was changed to decision-making to assuage anarchist feelings.

Jean: If one of us is stuck could we call out for assistance from a V&G person in attendance?

Patrick C.: Absolutely. One last thing: We are not representing the GA, we are its voice, this is a collective document so it’s not based on the paradigm of  I – me- mine. It’s a “we” and “us” document. Not anarchist, democratic or communist.

Meeting adjourns: 7:22PM

2 Responses to “Minutes for Vision And Goals Working Group 2/23/12”

  1. jack siler

    There’s already a whole collection of individual’s Preambles. I remember writing two, Lisa has one, at least. Rich has one. This whole process is beinganaesthitized, sanitized and stupidified. Could it be intentional? Or is it really a reflection of where OWS-NY is?

  2. Lisa Rubenstein

    Don’t use mine, please! It is not right for this document. Thanks!