Minutes for Vision And Goals Working Group 2/12/12

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Quorum at 12:45pm


In attendance: Itzhak, Michael K, Sati, Paul (stack keeper), Bill, Sumumba, Patrick

(facilitator), and Shoshannah (minute taker). We were soon joined by Aaron, Lisa,

Michael 2, and still later, by Broni, Noz, Jean, Cynthia and Lee Roy.


Reports back were heard from Patrick on last GA presentation and blocks; from

Itzhak on the hijacked meeting of 8 Feb; from Sumumba who says we (V&G), owe

finance $100.


Facilitator was set for next meeting, Wednesday 15 Feb.: Sumumba can’t make it to

that meeting so Shoshannah or Michael will do it.


Agenda items were put forward and given the following order:


1. Tabled from last meeting: What can we do to prevent V&G’s process, meetings

and document development, from being usurped by disrupters?


Note was taken that the alternative document was written by the person declaring

himself “facilitator.” That he/it was supported by a contingency of new faces;

seemingly with an agenda to replace rather than to amend the consented draft. That

on Feb. 8th process was not followed.


Many suggestions were put forward. It was decided that “membership” in our open

working group was confirmed by someone’s presence. That everyone is welcome to

participate fully and should be constrained only by our process, which is designed

to protect and respect everyone’s fullest participation. Consensus was reached for

strict process adherence. Consideration of a “circuit breaker” process was tabled.


Aaron is given permission to continue taping and taking photographs of this public

meeting; with the request that he ask before starting next time.


2. Michael K’s work on feedback items submitted for inclusion/amendment of

document was incorporated into item 5.


3. V&G response to request for participation and endorsement of El Barrio

demonstration March 1st for International Women’s Day; GA endorsed.


Consensus reached.

Sumumba will post on listserve.


4. Who is our audience? What are the purposes of this document? Discussion

considered purposes of business model re: what needs it has to meet, appeal to

internal and external mobilization, movement building, to the 99% ‘s universal

needs, worldwide potential usefulness, motivation, inspiration, aspiration, etc.


Break for lunch. Reconvened at 2:05pm.


5. Reworking of document: Updates to working draft have consensus. Stylistic


consented draft on the website a.s.a.p. He will reserve time on the agenda for

Tuesday’s GA.


10 minute pause for pit-stop/cigarette break.


6. Itzhak and Bill made suggestions for presenting to GA: No consensus initially

on when to consider this, however, after completing agenda item #5 this was

discussed and consensus was reached on a game plan: Present to GA in easy to

swallow, one at a time bullets, each followed by a temp check. Patrick offered

this (accepted) amendment: The GA is welcome to make any revision it wants,

as has always been its process. Our WG should require that further suggested

revisions be resolved only by adopting this document as a whole, at a meeting

of the GA, and that revisions made at that meeting of the GA become the Occupy

Wall Street Vision Statement Consented Document. Without GA consent the

document reverts to its last (WG) consented draft, for re-presentation to a

subsequent meeting of the GA.


Additional: No banner will be placed on the site and the regularly scheduled

meeting following our presentation to GA will be cancelled. This could be either

Wednesday’s or Sunday’s meeting, depending upon action taken by GA on

Tuesday, Feb. 14th, 7pm – 9pm, 60 Wall Street, Atrium. Consent for both post

agenda items.


Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm.

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  1. Shoshannah Benmosché

    Somehow the second line in agenda #5 got lost between what I sent and what got posted, for minutes of last night’s meeting. Please insert this line:

    concern tabled, “whereby”’s are retained for now. Patrick will post current