Minutes for Vision And Goals Working Group 1/5/12

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Attendees: Andre, Sumumba, Michael H., Shoshanna, Gina, Itzhak, John S., Patrick C., Sati C., Dorje, Bibi, Michael K.


Facilitator: Michael H.


Stack: Gina


Timekeeper: Patrick C.


Minutes: Michael K.



Meeting began promptly at 6:30PM. 



Patrick caught us all up on the current state of the document, to wit; on 1/4/12 meeting we combined the non-violence and peace sections to eliminate overlap. It now currently reads:



Peace: whereby non-violence is embraced as a way of life, and we resolve to live together in harmony and celebrate principles of compassion, appreciation, and respect for diversity and the differing views of others.


Shoshanna: Reminded group of the change introduced by Isaac S. on 1/4/12 on meeting procedure.The main thrust will be to announce who will facilitate the following meeting with two people committing to attending. (complete details at V&G Working Group Documents)



Michael H.: Asked for volunteers to facilitate next meeting. Shoshanna will be the facilitator with Michael K. as the co-facilitator.



Moment of Silence before beginning of meeting.



Patrick: Please follow along with the feedback notes and the current version of our statement.



Michael K.: Starting where we left off last time, an item is requested that climate change be considered a part of the vision statement. MK added that a few people elicited this concern in the collective feedback.



Stack is taken on this addition.



Itzhak: Objected to adding ‘climate change’ to the vision statement. He believes that it belongs in goals. We shouldn’t mix up the two.



Agreed to. Moved on to next item. Started discussion on the ‘Environmental Stewardship’ clause.



Dorje:  Thinks that the last word in the clause should be changed from ‘supplies’ to ‘sources’ because supplies intimates a term that is centered on human concerns alone where sources deals with the natural world and encompasses a higher order of attention.



Patrick: Prefers it the way it reads.



More discussion ensues with the final upshot is that we reach consensus on making this one word change. The clause now reads:



Environmental Stewadship: whereby the wealth of our economy emerges from the health of our environment, and therefore all societal activities are conducted with respect, humane treatment, and foresight to ensure that all life is sustainable, that the world has room to floursh, and that future generations will have safe and clean, air, water, and food *sources.*



Patrick: Next item in feedback concerns a need to add ‘transparency and accountability’ to the document. It reads “I think it’s vital to add transparency and it’s merits for accountability and fairness. Reads ‘Fairness’  clause.



Gina opens stack for discussion.



Sumumba: Transparency needs to be added but the question is in what section?



Itzhak: If it’s to be added it should find a home in the ‘People Power’ section.



Sati: I believe it should be placed in the ‘People Power’ section right after the word ‘governance’. 



Patrick: Fairness is perfectly stated as is, and I’m reluctant to move it there. How about putting into the ‘Justice’ section right in beginning after ‘whereby’ so as to produce a stronger effect to the following sentence. 



Shoshanna: Agree! It’s where we have the most recourse to address our concerns.



Dorje: Suggest a further change to the ‘Justice’ clause removing ‘should be’ to ‘are’.



Patrick: Prefers the term ‘must be’ to give the phrase more certainty and clout.



After a short debate, vote is taken as to where to place ‘transparent and accountable”  and replacing ‘should be’ with ‘are’. After culling down a number of entries the decision is to place these additional changes in the ‘Justice’ section to now read: 


Justice: whereby **transparent and accountable** social, legal, and economic systems work to benefit all, not just a privileged few; these systems *are* reconstructed or replaced when they fail to do so;



At the last meeting we read and discussed a submission from Dorje; although we weren’t too keen on the complete addition we were enticed by one line that read:



 “When our economic structures are regulated to prevent damage and sustain and regulate the true world bank: nature. 



Stack is opened.



Itzhak: Strongly opposes this addition to the ‘Environmental Stewardship’ clause as this is really an economic question and should be put, if anywhere, in the ‘People Power’ clause.



Sati: Agrees with Itzhak’s sentiments.



The clock runs out without any decision on where to possibly place this new addition. We should return to this addition on Sunday.



Patrick: Reminds the group of a consented statement as to when and how to present our statement to the GA. We will bring the current version to GAs and SCs to read to them and ask those bodies (especially the GA) if the document is ready to be brought up for consensus. If they agree, we have one week to tidy it up, make it gleam and shine….and then PASS the GA for CONSENSUS.



Meeting ends approximately: 8:00PM 

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