Minutes for Vision and Goals Working Group 1/25/12

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VISION & GOALS January 25, 2012

Meeting convened 6:56 pm with quorum of Michael K (Stack), Shoshannah (Minutes), Sati (Facilitator), WE, Patrick C., Lady, Itzak, Rao and Sea. Later arrivals included Yoni, Jane, Ashonda, Andrew K., Kenny, Andrew, Zak, Amanda–of OccupyDC, Rich– the radical blocker,” and Andrey.

Agenda Items were agreed to by consensus:

  1. Suggestion that we hold our usual Sunday 12 noon to 3 pm  meeting in Washington Square Park; in solidarity with Occupy Town Square.  After discussion it was unanimously decided to meet under the Arch, with one abstainer who later changed his mind to joining the rest of us on Sunday.
  2. Regarding the frequency of our 3 times per week meetings, it was decided to table this item because of the required 24 hour notice for an agenda item of this nature.
  3. To establish access criteria for the website section “Docs,” and “Forum.” It was decided that only Meeting Minutes and Documents that had achieved consensus would appear in Docs and that ideas, suggestions, etc. would be in our Forum. And that only if this was abused, TechOps would be asked to restrict access to Docs solely to Moderators.
  4. Updates to our Vision Statement. Discussion began with reports from several attendees to the GA of Jan. 24th.  Several items for inclusion were provided and have been incorporated in our latest draft dated 1/24. Four or five “blocks” were discussed.  A few of those who “blocked” were in attendance and we welcomed them and their input and thanked them for providing us with the opportunity to better understand and address their concerns.
  5. Due to the workload, tediousness and frustration some of the long term  workers on this Vision Statement have experienced, and the sense of having been “left out” felt by some of the new comers to our process, there was much discussion. What was finally put forward for consideration was  A) scrap our doc and start over;  B) try to keep refining what we have, adding feedback;  C) we give up and agree that none of us are up to the task of reconciling “radicals’ and reformers’” visions in one cohesive statement of our vision; D) that we leave trying to complete the vision statement and move on to goals.

Consensus for (B) was reached in a process of reducing the selection by having two rounds of twinkles.

Finding an end game we can all live with is deferred to an earliest possible future meeting.

Rich (one of the blockers at GA) will submit his suggested rewrite for us by Friday the 28th so that we may put it on the agenda for Sunday’s meeting Under the Arch.

There will be no meeting Thursday. We all need a break. Happy New Year!

Meeting was adjourned at 9:34 pm.

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