Minutes for Vision And Goals Working Group 12/21/11

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Regular Meeting

December 21, 2011

Members Present: Frank Blak, Leia, Shoshannah, Michael K., Rich, Sati, Dorje, Patrick, Uma, Lisa, Daryl, Tate

Meeting convened at 6:10p.m.

Frank reports back about the Un-Conference Visioning Day.

Consensus is reached to ask Movement Building, the creators of the Un-Conference, for copies of documents that were created during their visioning sessions.

A conversation takes place about Lopi’s suggestion about bringing in professional writers to write the movement’s vision statement.

Michael reports back about what happened to cause our missed deadline for a final consensus attempt at the GA. An hour-long discussion ensues.

Consensus is reached on the following two proposals.

1)      We will take the next two Sundays off in observance of the holiday period.

2)      We return to our daily schedule of GA and Spokes Council appearances, soliciting feedback. Beginning on or after January 1st, at every GA, we ask them if they wish us to cease taking feedback on the document they have in hand and enter a one-week announcement period prior to a consensus request. We also invite them to propose an alternate endgame scenario if they want one.

Meeting ends at 7:30p.m.

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