Minutes for Vision and Goals Working Group 11/20/11

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Regular Meeting

November 20, 2011

Members Present: Bob, Dorje, Dean, Mary P., Ian, Moshe, Tigger, Davey, Will, Ellen, Michael K., Jim, Cody, Bill, Mary, Ed, Shoshannah, Jerry, Michael L., Sumumba, Zocera, Davey, Patrick

Meeting convened at 12:20p.m.

Cody & Bill will co-facilitate. The meeting begins with 1 minute of respectful silence.

Consensus is reached around the idea of carrying over unaddressed agenda items from previous meetings so that they do not go permanently unaddressed. The following agenda is then set for this meeting: 1) Continued revisions to the working document. 2) Meeting Schedule adjustments.  3) Mission Statement Language 4) Tech Committee formation.

After several extensions of discussion, consensus is reached around the following four changes. In point 5, Liberty, “…tyrannical forces; specifically unchecked corporate power & unjust governments.” In point 9, Environmental Stewardship, “…ensure that life on earth is sustainable so that….” In point 9, Environmental Stewardship, delete “and food supplies.” In point 9, Environmental Stewardship,”…global environment and all species to ensure….”

Skipping down to the question of mission statement (the time remaining is insufficient to tackle any of the other items), consensus is reached around the idea of taking up discussion of an amended mission statement at a future meeting. Carryover items from this meeting and ones prior will include meeting schedule, technology committee and working group rules.

Davey introduces his voting platform ­– www.allourideas.org/occupywallstreet – and announces that he is working with the Demands Working Group too. This can be set up on a laptop in the park for those passing by, and we can use wireless devices to canvass those who wouldn’t have their own devices. No definite response is possible, but a cloud of responses would be gathered. The source of all votes can be identified; we can look at outliers and anomalies in context.

Meeting ends at 3:00p.m.

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