Minutes for Structure Working Group 01/13/12

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Regular Meeting

January 13, 2012

Members Present: Daniel (facilitator), Patrick, Chanel, Itzhak, Calvin, Lawton, Sean

Meeting convened at 6:00p.m.

The following agenda is set for this meeting: 1) Discussion of changes to the General Assembly and Spokes Council meeting schedules. 2) Discussion of a proposal to validate blocks. 3) Discussion of present status of community agreements presently being developed by the Safer Spaces working group.

A 20-minute discussion takes place on the GA/SC schedule reduction proposal. We’re hearing very positive feedback everywhere this is being discussed. Folks in the movement appear to be getting burnt out from too many meetings. Chanel will attempt to connect us with the people in Facilitation working group who are working on this also. The group consenses that this is a high priority for next week or the week after.

A 30-minute discussion takes place on the block validation proposal offered by Sean (and Town Planning working group?) The proposal would provide the ability for a member of a decision-making body to hold up a point of process upon hearing a block that the member considers to be invalid (i.e. not a serious moral, ethical or safety concern) and require a vote of all the members assembled to decide its validity. 75% or more voting in favor would invalidate the block; less that 75% in favor would validate it. The difference between our standard 90% modified consensus requirement and this new 75% number is mulled over by the group, and several members indicate preference for a 90% requirement. The discussion is tabled. Another presentation format with adjustments is in the works – the group expects to discuss this proposal again after the adjustments.

A 10-minute discussion takes place on the community agreements, which Sean reviews. These will be a list of agreements without enforcement facility built into them. Enforcement will be handled by the De-escalation working group, with the consent of Safer Spaces working group. A separate “grievance circle” will be offered to those who need mediation assistance. Safer Spaces is meeting this Saturday in the Atrium at 4pm, and probably again on Sunday at 4pm to take community input and to work on the agreements. All are welcome to join them.

Meeting ends at 7:00p.m.

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