Minutes for Deployment of Unconventional Twelve-Member Occupation Task Teams (DUTMOTT) Working Group (a.k.a., “Dity Dozens”): 3/8/2012

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Meeting was called to order with five people participating at 9:00 AM.

Steve: Distributed Weekly Metrocards to Guin and Chris Geist; he acknowledged he had initiated his Metrocard the night before when he went to GA and acted as “point person” for the Working Group. Steve reminded people in this Working Group that twenty fours hours of attendance per week, in minimum of six hour “shifts” during periods of no presence in the Park (e.g., the “off-peak” hours of 6 PM-11 AM) were required for meriting Working Group membership and the Working Group privileges it implicitly conferred. Steve then asked Chris Guerrero to ask an MTA clerk if an unlimited Metrocard would work on PATH, or if he could exchange it for a fixed-ride card.

Chris Guerrero: After visiting an MTA clerk at Fulton Street, Chris acknowledged that the MTA card would not work for him on PATH. He suggested that the possibility remain open for him to use an unlimited card at some point in the near future should a series of NYC subway trips to actions be required of him in the near future.

Guin: Discussed three arrests for chalking that had happened on a prior night; he was not present prior to the arrest to say whether they had received a warnning. Also discussed how during a COOLS event “Chef Eric” got arrested for chalking on the sidewalk after getting a previous warning from a Brookfield guard.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM.

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