Minutes for Deployment of Unconventional Twelve-Member Occupation Task Teams (DUTMOTT) Working Group (a.k.a., “Dity Dozens”): 3/30/2012

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Meeting was called to order with five people participating at 9:30 AM (one by conference call)

Steve: Distributed only Weekly Metrocard to Steve. Steve briefed those present that Guin was currently on vacation this week in Florida visiting an old acquaintance. Steve also explained that his absences was less of an issue now since: 1) the entirety of winter (until March 19th), barring five shift absences in total, had been covered; 2) now DUTMOTT only needs to perform watch for Liberty Square on nights that are very cold and wintry (below 40 degrees, per our mission statement), until May 1st.

Steve proposed that he be on call by text and Email, 24X7, should any member require a subway ride. He advised that it would take 45 minutes tops after somebody notified him to get to Liberty Square. He shared “land line” info for contact, and advised that even if a person had no phone, it would be easy enough to ask an Occupier or acquaintance to make the call on that person’s behalf.


Next topic of discussion was deployment of a good information center. [much of that discussion has been redacted here for legal and security purposes]

Chris: Mentioned a possible lead for a patron.

Steve: Discussed location of lockup for information materials.

Roy: Agreed with the strategy.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 AM.

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