Minutes for Deployment of Unconventional Twelve-Member Occupation Task Teams (DUTMOTT) Working Group (a.k.a., “Dity Dozens”): 3/1/2012

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Meeting was called to order with five people participating at 9:00 AM.

Steve: Distributed Weekly Metrocards to Guin and Chris Geist; he acknowledged he had initiated his Metrocard the night before when he went to Spokescouncil and acted as “point person” for the Working Group

Chris: Discussed cleaning the blanket he had received from “SIS”, and sugested wearing it as a poncho to make it clear that he was an Occupier present in the Square

Guin: Asked if there were new “Tidal” newsletters in SIS yet.

Steve: Said he did not see them.

Chris Guerrero: Asked if he could get a Metrocard too.

Steve: Pointed out that the “unlimited” ones would not work on Path; he said he would inquire if a fixed fare on woud be available.

Guin: Discussed lie down arrests that had happened earlier; the Square was only temporarily cleared.

Steve: Let members know that he wuld be porting over more Styrofoam from a nearby stockpile.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM.

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