Minutes for Deployment of Unconventional Twelve-Member Occupation Task Teams (DUTMOTT) Working Group (a.k.a., “Dity Dozens”): 2/13/2012

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Meeting was called to order with five people participating at 1:30 AM.

Steve: Expressed his gratitude that members had “stepped up” [Roy, Dallas, Gabe, Ephraim; “Deputy” Frenchy] to cover Guin’s usual weekend absence. He also noted that the unusually harsh temperatures that weekend (in the twenties and teens…) would now necessitate daytime coverage too; and had heard that “Black Knight Chris” (Chris Guerrero), the daytime info person, had texted that the was ill that weekend.

Roy: Acknowledged he would take on more daytime hours, to try and cover.

Steve: Also noted that guards “threw in the towel” and went inside on the previous night’s shift due to extreme cold, and recorded photos to document it. He then moved onto another topic, that an Android tablet to be used by the Working Group was not successfully upgrading, and asked if any other member had a micro-SD card and/or serial USB cable (which would be required to do so…)

Dallas: Said he thought he might, and would bring it in later that week.

Steve: Shared the news about the new fundraising guidelines that Yuri had previously introduced at GA a couple of weeks ago, and had discussed with him.

Gabe, Dallas: Welcomed the developments.

Steve: Apprised members of a new major acquisition of a stockpile of more Styrofoam and “Blue Board”.

Meeting was then adjourned at 2:30 AM.

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