Minutes for Deployment of Unconventional Twelve-Member Occupation Task Teams (DUTMOTT) Working Group (a.k.a., “Dity Dozens”): 1/20/2012

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Meeting was called to order with five people participating; two attendees were on conference call. Meeting called to order at 8:00 PM.

Steve: New requirements were explained for a Working Group. A minimum of five members and effectively a minimum of one meeting per month are required. Since we do not request financing of GA or OWS, it’s for the most part a formality.

Guin: Expressed irritation at these new requirements and asked why more people were not in the Square.

Steve: Explained that it is unrealistic to expect meetings to be held in the Square when temperatures were below freezing since people don’t think well in such circumstances. But he agreed that more people should be there to act as “greeters”.

Guin: Insisted that all meetings should be there; he argued that if an encampment was there then we would in all likelihood still be meeing there too.

Steve: He argued that they probably still would have met at 60 Wall under such circumstances, but said that the argument was a rather hypothetical one.

Steve then went on to explain that although many hours go by without any visitors during the shifts that the “Dirty Dozens” cover, when a visitor does stop by it is often somebody from a far flung site, often out of the country. At first they frequently express astonishment that nobody is present (environmental circumstances notwithstanding…) and Steve explains the difficulty of meetings under such circumstances. But Steve notes that participants go away with renewed excitement about the movement when he can impart general info about upcoming actions, and also historic movement events, to visitors at such times.

Steve then discussed the mechanism for posting meeting minutes on nycga.net, since a Working Group listing application (not previously required by OWS) had not been processed as of yet. As an interim measure, to insure good faith publication of minutes while Internet ops was apparently backlogged, it was proposed by Steve that minutes be posted on the Working Group blog, and a link to the minutes be Emailed to both ComHub and Internet ops, to demonstrate good faith.

Dallas: Said he would try and follow up on contacting people to insure that the Working Group listing was brought to their attention. At the next meeting he would report back.

Gabe: Expressed appreciation at having been invited to the Working Group. He mentioned he had cellphone pictures from the first day temperatures dropped to 17 degrees and we had a visitor from Fairbanks, Alaska, there. It was noted that the cold was so bad that the guards had to retreat indoors.

Steve: Pointed out that the guards also had to retreat last week to the protection of the Halal carts on the sidewalk while members of the Dirty Dozens maintained presence in the Square.

Steve then pointed out that we obviously needed to enlarge enrollment, but understood that it was awkward to solicit help at this juncture until more resources (for example, the shelter of a diner break and ample coffee deliveries…) were provided. Steve pointed out that the contribution of resources was essential as an expression of support. People obviously were not looking for a meal so much as an indication of support by others.

Steve then asked for consensus on a usual time to conduct meetings going forward. Consensus was not reached, and it was left to Steve to notify all members of DUTMOTT as to the time of the next meeting. It was agreed that the simple nature of the DUTMOTT Working Group did not necessitate much discussion, until more resources were allocated.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

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