Minutes for Deesclation Meeting – 1/9/2012

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Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM at the Atrium; present in attendance were:

  • Brendan
  • Matthew
  • John
  • Rafael
  • Casper
  • Tony

Agenda: Discussion of MLK, the Churches. and putting Casper back on Finance

Brendan: MLK will start at Liberty Square and will be marching from there to Riverside Church. He asked who was expected to be on the detail.

It was discussed that Zach, John, Casper, Brendan, Scooby, and Shane would be on that detail.

Matthew: He said he would not be on the march detail, but would later be in attendance at the Church.

Rafael: Also said he would not be on the march detail, but would be prepping for the event at the Church the entire time.

Tony: Said he would try to be at the march.

Next item of discussion was the reportback on the Churches.

Rafael: Said that 86th Street is doing well and are working very hard for a process to better the community through self-sustenance.

Casper: Said he was on detail at 86th Street but had never slept there.

Next agenda item was a reportback on Park Slope Church. It was discussed that there had been issues but steps were being taken to “make things right”.

At this point in the meeting John needed to leave.

Next agenda item was discussion of putting Casper back on Finance.

Casper: Acknowledged there was a mistake that had happened that was beyond his control and accepted full responsibility of the incident that he could not have reasonably been expected to be responsible for. On that note Casper said he would remunerate accounting/Finance for the reimbursement of Orlando’s receipt which had been turned in by Kelley for the inappropriate purchase of $145 for dog food.

At this point the meeting reached majority consensus for this course of action.

The next meeting was then proposed for the following Monday on 1/16/2012.

Meeting business was concluded and adjourned.


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