Minutes for 3-7-12

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Occupy the youth

Location  60 Wall street at 6pm

Members in Attendance 5






Faclitator : Negesti


Update From Negesti

Update from Jeff


a call for any other agenda items?

none were brought


Negesti has been going to Westside high school in the Bronx on 104th every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 Р5:15.  Working on an ongoing curicculum through the end of June, from now until may we will be organizing the students to do a teach-in on bullying. Also a survey, Facebook, and booklet on how it is like living in their neighborhood, and also a photo and regents campaign.

Feildstone curriculum is complete, kids from occupy the Bronx will be there, kids from university heights high school will be there, sunday 12-5. Hopefully that group will meet once or twice a month and work on organizing and doing an action in conjunction with mayday and the call for general strike


Ive been working with the NIA program doing the future which is a group where the junior high school students become leaders and developers of their own cities and use direct democracy and G.A’s as a blueprint to keep there communities afloat. They now understand the concept of facilitation; i also have been attending the mayday meetings and have stirred up some interest in occupiers who are developing curriculum around the efforts of may day to work with us. i will keep you updated on that.

Metrocards/Financial Point Person

Unanimous consent from everybody for Jeff to be 2nd financial point person, Negesti received a metro as well as Jeff and Angel. Next week Negesti, Jeff, and Angel will receive metro cards again.

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