minutes for 02/28/2012 weekly meeting

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agenda for today

discuss who within the group will get metro cards for next weeks cards.

date for the 24 hour marathon knit-in

in attendance, Marsha, Raven, Shadow, Razor, Melanie

this project will , donations for charity, attract tourists, temporary art project, teach- ins to empower the masses, invite screen printers to make patches to use on the garments.

When we will do this?  May Day events.  start and end? 5pm April 30th to 5pm May 1st

Melanie suggested a human garden of yarn covered people.  they can help collect donations to help OWS.

talk to NLG.

going to add additional meeting times for planning purposes. some on weekends and some in the evenings.

network for volunteers to knit and to solicit donations of yarn and tools.

Goal is to use only donated supplies.   Need printed announcements to hand out for donations and outreach. (talk to justin)

“At the end of our marathon we will present our projects as a work of art for all to photograph before we give the articles of clothing to charity.”  surprising creative unusual unique …..

Raven is going to get us coffee boxes we can use as teaching kits and or donation receptacles.

ideas for the poster, unraveled, making art out of…


lost connection yesterday so here is the rest of the meeting

meeting on Sunday 3-5 in the Atruim (move to park if weather is suitable)

looking for a lot of donations of yarn and tools and people to help on that day

Thnks to all



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