minutes for 02/14/2012 weekly meeting

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Attending, Marsha, Shadow(had to leave early) David’s proxy, Justin

Agenda, budget proposal for  SC

Transportation for the Group 160 dollars which would provide 5 weekly cards and 15 dollars for Karin’s senior card.  We would like to take care of this because housing sometimes runs out of cards and we feel that if each individual working group handled their own transportation it would take the burden off housing and they can concentrate on housing.

75 dollars for supplies, yarn, needles, hooks, fabric, laundry for recycled line, thrift store, hemp and string, thread and paper.  We would like to start up our line of goods to sell to help fund the group and Occupy.  It was discussed before the freeze that we wanted to make and sell crafts and recycled things and as you know it takes money to make money.

We realized that we did not have enough to get a consensus so we are going to table this until we can get more people together, there are a lot of actions today, will try to reschedule for later in the week.

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