Minutes for 01/24/2012 weekly meeting

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Minutes for Fiber Arts working group 01/24/2012


Marsha, David, Alec, Raven, Karin, Evelyn, Jeanie

Agenda, Proposal for proper notification of GA and Spokes meetings

Attend the Feb. 11th Craft Fair in the Park

David is going to write and submit on the website a proposal that requires prior notification of meetings and if meetings are being moved to another location.  We would like all GA meetings and Spokes Council meetings to have a time and location posted on the website at least 24 hours in advance.  Also any meetings on the weekend should have at least one option to start in the afternoon instead of at night.  It is impossible for many people who would like to attend these meetings if they cannot plan in advance and for some it is very hard if not impossible to be there late at night and in the cold.


Yuri has organized a craft fair to be held in the park on February 11th and either weekly or bi-monthly from here on.  He has requested the Fiber Arts working group be in attendance.  We need to decide in what manner we will participate.  Weather permitting David will paint signs.  Marsha will be knitting her protest finger.  Raven will make paper cranes.

David suggests that after expenses are covered, we donate 20% to the general fund, 20% goes back to our group and 60% goes to the artists/crafters.  Will discuss this more next meeting.

Ashley just informed us that occupiers have been arrested in the park for passing out flyers and asked we come and rally with them.

Meeting adjourned.

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