Minutes for 01/17/2012 weekly meeting

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in attendance

Marsha, David, Alec, Alex, Raven, Karin, Jeanie

on the agenda, reaffirm Marsha as financial point person, approve use of metrocards for the people who need them, approve use of donated computer and the repair of said computer, approve group funds for David to get a phone. David represents the tech part of our group and will be running the blog and needs to be in touch.

7 uptwinkles for Marsha as point person, passed.

consensus on needing 7 metrocards for the group.

consensus on approving group funds for repairing the donated computer and getting David a phone.  Marsha is going to talk to Accounting about how unfrozen funding will be handled.

Karin would like the floor for an announcement at end of the meeting

David has an idea to make a re-manufactured line of goods to sell to raise money for the group.

Karin overheard a conversation about the difficulty in obtaining funds for our groups.  Karin is very concerned about how the “occupiers” have been treated and if their basic needs are being met.  We are still not being let in the park with our chairs and our efforts have been hampered.  I feel the need to write a letter to the press about how we have to jump through hoops to get some of the money that was donated to the movement.  She hopes this would help us.

Marsha scheduled a teach-in/evaluation session for Friday.  She will be teaching basic knitting and basic sewing skills and will also offer her services as a seamstress to repair any clothing people have and/or evaluate the need and arrange to do the repairs at a later date.


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