Minutes for 01/10/2021 weekly meeting

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In Attendance, Karin, Marsha, David, Justin, Raven, Eddie, Alec and Yuri is observing and presenting a proposal.

Reimbursed Karin 38 dollars for receipts she turned in for yarn and accessories.

Meeting called to order appx 230.  Agenda, adding a point person for Accounting, Web presence, Craft Fair proposal by Yuri.

Discussed a need for a second point person for Accounting.  Marsha nominated David, 7 uptwinkles, passed.

Yuri states his proposal for having a craft fair in the park starting early spring and recurring (but not yet determined how often).  Would like it to be a family friendly event, have teaching of crafts and include many types of art and craft and other participants like music.  Above all just have a really fun day in the park.  POI, David thinks that there is already someone who is working on something similar.  CQ, when do you want to have the first one. A. possibly end of Feb, this is only the second working group I have contacted, going to contact many more to help get it organized.  CQ How is it going to be funded?  A through the WGs and the GA. CQ will you try to work with WGs that are planning similar events or work around them. A that is to be determined by the WG. Main goals, to be family friendly, keeping it clean (no profanity ect.), make it affordable, help make the movement sustainable.  Proposed hours of craft fair, on a Sat from 10am to 3pm.  POI Jeanie, (just joined group meeting), there are tables at 33rd and 2ave farmers market that are free for occupiers to sell their crafts POI, can’t “sell” under the name “occupy wall street”. says proper wording would be, suggested donation.  POI Occupy is not yet a legal non profit POI Yuri is not on the internet nor in any working group.  Agreed to participate after more information is coming

Have been told we need a point person for interacting with the office.  Nominated David and Eddie. passed.

David will talk to tech ops about the problem were having keeping our weekly meeting event to not disappear from the website.

Karen on her way to smileys to buy yarn.

Marsha has done some research online to find someone who can make sew in tags for our products.

David has proposed raising money for the group by selling a line of recycled items.

People are unclear about metrocard purchases so Marsha is going to talk to Jeff (housing) about metrocards for people in group.

David is going to see about getting a donated computer repaired for the group to use and how much it may cost.

Agenda items for next meeting,  having a knit-in?,  craft fair items?,

2 Responses to “Minutes for 01/10/2021 weekly meeting”

  1. Sue McAnanama

    Sorry to be out of the “loop” but have been following and wondering if we can bring chairs to park now?
    Hope to see you soon.

    • Marsha

      chairs are still up in the air right now but I spoke to a lawyer about it and they are working on it. good to see you here Sue.