Minutes, food WG meeting, 11-20-11

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  1. Thanksgiving prep
    Goal is to feed 2000 people at Liberty Park at 2pm. Trinity Church will be physically present, as they were today (Sunday), to assure the NYPD does not interfere with serving Thanksgiving dinner. Tiga is working with Trinity Church as location for keeping food hot prior to being served. Megan and Eric are bottom-lining. Contact them at occupiedkitchen@gmail.com for more info on how to help and on task group dates/times.
  2. Coordination of offsite kitchen with onsite food stations for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
    Chris (“Chip”) will bottom-line cooking in East NY while Bule is away. Eric reports that all food is being served, to people at a number of churches and locations, which changes day by day. Those coordinating that activity are in process to communicate better about what they are doing and when so others can help. Megan is the point person for finding a cafeteria-style location near the park where food could be served.
    Megan is also looking into getting a googlevoice phone as a way to coordinate.
  3. Feeding the movement/When, who & why we should be feeding people
    We discussed for about 10 minutes but agreed this is a political discussion that will not be resolved at this meeting. Highlights: Many in the working group want to keep feeding the various hubs of occupiers; most agree that budget is an all-GA concern.
  4. Financial accountability/budget
    Gail is the point person for completing the form required by the finance working group.
  5. Service for people with allergies and food intolerances
    The group agreed we have not been clearly marking foods or serving the needs of those with gluten intolerance and other allergies. Benedict and Joshua will meet with Sage about what the food WG can do to better serve people with special food needs.
  6. Idea for nonprofit
    This is in the idea stage for creating a separate 501c3 organization with a separate budget and its own fundraising. There is a breakout group; see Benedict if you want to be involved. Those in the breakout group say the finance WG advised them to look at this idea for budget reasons. One breakout member says it is for liability protection on illness, injury, etc.

The new communication hub WG gave this info on how to get info about OWS. Phone: 917-524-8732; owscomhub@gmail.com; to get text alerts: 23559, with the message @owscom

Next meeting: Tuesday, Nov 22, 8pm-10pm, 60 Wall St.

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