MINUTES (Food Justice Meeting – Feb.3 2012 7pm 60 wall st)

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Rally and Break-Up Letter Drop Off
Sunday, February 12 at 2pm
Union Square Trader Joe’s (138 East 14th Street)
After nearly two years of a nation-wide campaign, Trader Joe’s still refuses to sign an agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a group of farm workers in Florida who have successfully pressured corporate giants like Whole Foods and McDonald’s to agree to ensure that farm workers in their supply chains get treated humanely and get paid at least one penny more per pound of tomatoes they pick. And now, to top it off, Trader Joe’s is opening it’s first Florida store, nly 30 miles away from Immokalee on Immokalee RoadUNLEARNING RACISM COUNCIL
Feb 12 11am-4pm (drumming 3-4pm) @ Magnolia Tree and Earth Center (677 Lafayette Avenue b/w Marcy and Tompkins)
Our world faces a crisis. People are oppressing and killing each other because of differences in skin color, language, religion and ideologies. Let us speak from the heart about how oppression and racism in particular work in individuals and institutional systems. We will discuss how racism operates in our food system. Come prepared to speak about limited food choices in low income communities versus more affluent communities , the need to liberate youths of color through nutrition, the dwindling number of black farmers in the U.S, the high level of stress that people of color face in their everyday existence. We will get clear on commonly used terms i.e cultural appropriation, spatial racism internalized racism and their meanings and examine how various forms of racism

Feb 17 -19th 2012 @ the North Star Fund Office (520 8th Ave Suite 2203)
RSVPs by Feb 6 tobiilen.berhanu@parks.nyc.gov or call 212-442-8961
The Black Urban Growers (BUGs), in partnership with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB), would like to extend an invitation to participate in an Undoing Racism Community Organizing Workshop. In response to feedback from the Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners conference, we hope to maintain momentum and build stronger networks and coalitions to advance our work for a just and equitable food system. In order to do so, we must develop a common language and analysis around structural and institutional racism as it exists in our food system. This workshop offers an opportunity to do that and more.

Feb. 26  2 – 8pm @ Judson Memorial Church
Skillshare/event/panel/movie/ really freemarket
Speakrs include: Starhawk, Evolver, Andrew Faust
Love Ecology and Consicousness

April 21st Old Stone House (11-3pm) contact: Claudia Joseph
Hudson Valley Librabrywill be selling seeds… display of seeds.. gardening and seed saving i* theyneed people to talk and teach about seeds to the general public

Occupy Seattle Food Justice hosted a food sovereignty conference call. There where folks from Seattle, LA,  Minnesota, and Toronto. Corbin and Seth participated. The call was organized to talk about events for May 1st. Not everyone knew about f27. Some people where talking a lot about vacant land. Someone from Seattle was very into doing actions around feeding people.. Corbin shared idea of eat ins. There will be more calls to coordinate actions and targets. It was more like a meet and greet.. would be cool to keep participating in this calls.  Next time let sustainability woring group know about this, they are interested in participating.

An  Ecocluster was formed that will meet every Saturday. All environmental working groups will be participating. The one tomorrow Feb 4th will be hosted at the Brooklyn Free School at 4pm and discussion will be focused on defining a framework for how the ecocluster will work. Location each week will change.. perhaps Judson Memorial Church will become a more permanent location for this in the future.. We are assuming that not just occupy working groups but outside environmental groups will come together in this cluster. This will be a space to get to know each other.. report to each other on the work each of the groups are doing.. create community.


  • S – Moving event… when farmers started speaking it became very emotional..very powerful how occupy movement can bring so many people together… the fact that the farmers had support of people standing outside was amazing.
  • C- everything came together nicely. Liked that people wanted to participate in the timeline. People were very interested in speakers… For future actions it is VERY important to try and get mainstream media to cover it… also always remember to reach out and be working with  NY food justice/movement scene/people/community.
  • A+W- Timeline.. seemed to attract people … Cops were engaging, which is always a very good sign.. they were talking in a very civil manner.. positive vibe…
  • W- Dissapointed on turn out… the movement itself could have given more support. There needs to be more reaching out to other community Monsanto actions… NY occupy can do a little more to broaden outreach… reaching out to all different communities. Make sure that we are reaching out.. because this is the hub… all eyes are in NY.
  • S- Fuck Mosnanto.. is the catchies of fraces.. a lot of this is heard in other actions this is good because it means at least people are talking about it.
  • J- The quality of the speakers was very high… the value of music is very important… music draws people in… before farmers came out people had less ways of engaging..
  • W- Very important to incorporate more demos.. teach ins… more interactive activities…

Small report back about Chicago’s convergence:
Adbusters put a call.. for convergence in Chicago… occupy Chicago  was kind of pissed off..


*talk about how to rotate responsibilities, perhaps every week at the meeting someone different is the “captain” (responsible) for the week of facebook account, twitter account, blog, etc
Facebook – transfer our page into a community page..
Twitter-  rotate roles.. more

*Monsanto….. captures peoples attention….a lot of people that normally don’t engage, feel pulled in or touched by this issue.. how can we leverage this interest?!


was read and concense that Food Justice will endorse


  • Important to reach out to occupy outreach to make sure we get in touch with as many boroughs as possible
  • One group to do outreach can be students (we need to decide what we are doing outreach on first) – every school has a student life department which is a good place to do outreach.
  • Outreach to other organizations  that have been occupying the food system for way longer than occupy has
  • Google document of food justice contact in other occupations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtOsNBxKnoPHdHY3aVBVXzRWNHpDT3ZjU1o2OF82UHc&hl=en_US#gid=0

Will be organized for next Thursday.. Sarah from sustainability will confirm this.

Reach out to Design Occupy, Ecobuddies, Arts and Labor, Puppet Guild


*ideas will be presented by A+A at the ecocluster Feb 4th and report back on what happens.

Art/Action – empowering imagination simulating a garden growing as an inspiration.. call to attention –to this spaces.
Jen visited all the sites in 596 in prospect heights and only 3 were viable.
Good to contact Paula form 596 so she can guide us on how to strategize choosing lots
Ingrid – can scout locations in The Bronx
Perhaps Lakshman in queens?
Good groups to collaborate with this actions can be:
Ecobuddies (get contact?)  (lots of wheatpasting experience) + Arts and Labor

Ingrid will create a doodle to set up a date for design team meet up to brainstorm on this action.

At the stock exchange –
Idea that can bring different people/communities that are already part of the food justice movement in NY together.

EDUCATION – around food choices


  • Idea to distribute guide of products that contain GMO.
  • One possibility would be to reach out to person at 596 acres meeting that had access to printing.
  • Perhaps look at ways to make this guide more “user” friendly, more accessible, more catchy.
  • One possibility is to make a one page “summary” of highlights of the guide.
  • Park Slope Food Coop  has a glossy postcard of a Non Gmo Buying Guide. Contact them to see if we can get a copy and perhaps get access to some of them to distribute

LABEL (it yourself)

  • Idea to design labels that can be pasted directly on products that explain what:
  • Ingredients really mean
  • What “all natural” really means
  • Label GMO products
  • Design of label could include a 2d code that linked to a graphic or linked to the buying guide.

*this design can be a made into a template that people can distribute and print, we can post on our site.

Further discussion and ideas about Label-it yourself action:

Possible targets for this action: Wholefoods (14th st and Columbus Circle)… it is shocking to know how many GMO products are actually being sold in wholefoods. insidious brain washing..
Some concern of just targeting Wholefoods as it seems like a very specific audience.. perhaps would be good to think how to generate education for a bigger audience..
Explanation of why Wholefoods represents global neoliberasm and how it absolutely control prices on food.
Another possibility is to target on specific brand that has been branded as “all natural” and then go to different markets (wholefoods, trader joes, walmart, etc) where that product is being sold.

(Small explanation of difference between GMO and Hybrid – gmo actually inject the pesticide in the seed (roundup ready).. so pesticided become part of the dna..)… Perhaps this can be good to generate education material as well on.. What is  GMO.. what does it mean.. how does it affect people.. also dismanteling the three “myths” used by Monsanto to support GMOs.
Bianca- contacted occupy printing and they have a budget for printing so we could print stickers with them
Other comments:
*Food Justice is not only about GMO its also about Food Justice – food workers. Whole … actions should be reflective of food justice.
*converting the whole food buyer into a local buyer can be very important and significant achievement. To funnel that money in to local markets can be a big step to really see a change or shift…

Not sure yet what the action could look like. But group should research a little further because they are one of the biggest food distribution companies in the USA.
Milk not jails is a campaign to get dairy farmers direct markets to revitalize the dairy industry in places where prison industry prevails. More information on this campaign will be sent out to list serve.

Community garden tour – get community gardens involved.
But into our list of actions a CIW action on that day…
Sit ins at Monsanto offices.

“Making Worlds – An OWS Forum on the Commons” goal is both to deepen
our knowledge about existing forms and practices of the commons in the
United States and abroad, and help participants and organizations to spark a
broad range of projects and initiatives fostering alternatives to organizing
social life.

Concense on responding that we will host a workshop/discussion around seeds in the framework of reclaiming the commons on one of the days.

Organize a day to bring together people from the NY region that are working with seeds. Host a conversation to  strategize on local seed economy and how to strengthen this moving into the future.

Possible people to reach out
Chris – slow money
Jim Gerrtisen

US Food Sovereignty Alliance is planning on something happening april 17th.. wich is the international day of peasant struggle.. that could be a good way to collaborate. Concensus to reach out to say we are on board and to let us know how we can best help!

VIA CAMPESINA – is going to be in NY city March 31st – (it’s the same day the judge will respond to Farmers vs Monsanto) Corbin will ask Via Campesina if they would be interested on participating on a dialogue with occupy folks interested in food sovereignty..if so, perhaps we can organize a potluck eat in with them


  • Occupytheearth.net- is a good resource
  • Reaching out to folks that have produced documentaries around food to see if we can distribute films in our actions or figure out a way to cross promote.
  • Also.. we should come up with a list of blogs that we like..so we can put a list on our webpage if people want to read more. Some that were mentioned:

Civileats /Grists /Tablespooning.com/ Foodfreedom

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