FWG Meeting Minutes – 2/7/12 – 4pm @ 60 Wall St.

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Tonight’s GA
Last Night’s Spokes
Space Location
Wow Proposal

David Facilitation
Justin Minute Taking

Working Group Requirements: 1 Meeting a week, GA

Feedback from Last Night’s Spokes-
Full Team couldn’t make it, Group asked to step up
Trish’s Objection to Stack Taker, resolved via temp check
Medics Report Back- Jose well presented
Wow Proposal- Tabled due to lack of collation building
Grievance Council Discussion
Disruptions by Sage
Class War camp-
Non Violence Discussion on WBAI
Suggestion of using GA discussion time to bring it back up

Space Location:
Quaker House Wednesdays
Discussion of GAs & SCs as Direct Action?

Tonight’s GA
Issues with ComHub announcement
Spokes Council Proposal
Does it need to be renouncements?
Setting of Standard that proposer has to announcement
Same rules to wg same
definition of tabling of proposal continuances?

Proposers responsibility to meeting announcement

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