Minutes, DAWG meeting, Nov 27 2011

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Facilitator: Anthony

Introductions (about 70 people)


Dated, put in date order:

11/27: Occupy Philly eviction announced for tonight; please drive/ride down!

11/28, 3pm: march to Baruch College about CUNY tuition hikes; meet at south end of Madison Sq Park (23rd St).

11/29, 6pm, 60 Wall: jail support training, please come!

11/30: demonstration at Obama fundraiser. Meet at sw corner of Central Park at 4pm; march begins about 5pm (subject to change pending Obama’s schedule). occupyfundraisers@gmail.com

12/1, 4pm: march for jobs, by central labor council. See http://www.nycclc.org/index.cfm?zone=/unionactive/view_article.cfm&HomeID=224402

12/1: Occupy Museums doing action outside Satyagraha (Philip Glass opera) at Lincoln Ctr. Curtain is at 7:30pm. See Suzahn for more info.

12/2, 10am: event at Liberty Park around the 6th & Canal space (Tom)

12/3, starting 6pm at TKTS booth in Times Square: Occupy Broadway, 24 hours of performance in public/private space. There is a googlegroup– occupy-broadway@googlegroups.com

12/4, 11am: March in lower Manhattan about health access for the 99%; organized by health students (James)

12/4, 3pm: Justice in Barrio organizing event in East Harlem, location TBA; movementforjusticeinelbarrio@gmail.com or 212-561-0555.

Not dated:

If folks have stuff to add to a direct action calendar, send to owsdawg@gmail.com with the word CALENDAR in caps in the subject line.

List circulated for actions of a feminist nature

Housing working group will present to DA at tomorrow’s (11/28) meeting.

Folks have started http://freezuccottipark.wordpress.com/


Strategy session

Priorities generated at the meeting on 11/22/11 were read aloud– see http://www.nycga.net/groups/direct-action/docs/minutes-dawg-meeting-nov-22-2011

Comments included:


- inter-occupation connection

- education

- concrete goals

- concrete plans beyond December. Timeline should be 6 months beyond elections


- moral high ground

- visual approach

- pro-active messaging

- avoiding uncoordinated actions

- expanding base by acting with communities, even if “not fun”


-building cohesive framework to “get ‘em”

- it’s not just the 1% but how the govt has collaborated

- We need to deal with what the cops do, which will perhaps intensify as we cause real challenge.

Proposal of 3 main actions: morally hold Zuccotti Park; physically reclaim foreclosed spaces; mass public actions on banks.

Themes people see:

- liberating space

- mainstreaming

- becoming more concrete

- empowering communities/expanding base

- enabling our actions to speak

- occupation as opening

- rebuilding commons

- non-violent disruption

- long term plans

- focus on marginalized groups that have been consistently working over a long time

- environment

subgroup working on strategy will group and synthesize these themes.


Jerry G gave intro about the action at the Aerospace & Defense Finance Conf, 6:30 – 10am, 4:30pm from Madison Sq Park

- Contact: nov30action@gmail.com

- 2-abreast sidewalk march to encircle Credit Suisse building

- other activities include traditional civil disobedience,  “slowdown”, banner drop

- theatrical and visual as possible; arts & culture working on signs & puppets

- leaflets to be handed out to passers-by are being finalized

- jail support, medic presence, press release being worked on

- Egyptian solidarity group also targeting this event

- possible tie-ins via individual signs: London general strike; Arizona action about prisons; anniversary of Seattle

- need more video coverage (media wg)

- roles needed: ushers & Pacers, Scouts, Material Distributors (pass out signs and flyers to protesters), greeters (let people know where to go when they arrive), jail support

- Money needed: $2000. DAWG will request it at Tuesday’s GA. DAWG members should go to that GA to support. N30 subgroup will front the $$ until then. CONSENSUS REACHED.


Nelini gave intro about the action.

- being done in conjuction with NY Communities for Change and Organize for Occupation (O4O).

- In E New York, #3 subway, Pennsylvania Ave stop (at Livonia Ave)

- national day of action: Occupy in at least 12 cities will be taking back homes on that day.

- this is about publicly kicking off a campaign of reclaiming bank-owned vacant homes all over the country.

- Organizations meeting Tuesday (11/29) at 11am, PSC, 61 Broadway, 16th Fl

- Outreach: working to go thru community (OWS is mainly in solidarity)

- PR training needed in how to “step back”—these should not be white, privileged voices.

- Nelini gave brief presentation on neighborhood history & issues—in a nutshell, poor black people, with white people taking homes; predatory lending and frauds were rampant; facing Walmart; Starrett City has been subject of ACORN campaign to keep affordable.

Breakouts on D06

PR/Messaging: Tell the family’s story, primarily

Tactical comms: text loop will go on flyer. More admins are needed for the loop. This group needs to liaise with eviction defense, PR, and needs people with deep involvement.

Eviction defense: plan should be indefinite. Need training in community; leaflets; banner; supplies for occupiers. Next meeting will be announced to email list.

Action: favorite ideas were block party, with tables/themes, food, speakout; “extreme home takeover” play on home makeover; march will perhaps have feeders so as to not draw a big police presence to the neighbornood.

Budget for D06 was not discussed, and needs to be at next meeting.

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