Minutes, DAWG meeting, Dec 8 2011

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Breakout Groups

Breakout Group – Action against Koch brothers

Breakout – Gambler’s intervention, gambler’s annonymous action

Breakout Group – Action towards Zuccotti Park

Breakout Group – I win, you lose.  School for Visual Arts Group – Tuesday @ noon at lunchtime

Breakout Group – Pink Slip March Endorsement

Breakout Group – Breakout to Boston

Breakout Group: Shareholder Activism

Agenda Items

DA Training

Finance – Point person to accounting

Agenda Item: School closures in January

Email List

Road Trip

Breakout Groups – 15 minutes

Breakout Groups Report Backs

Koch Brothers – Working with communities of color to fight back against them. Next meeting Friday at 1pm @ 60 Wall.

Dec 17 Call to Occupy – See us for email list.

Action in Zuccotti Park – Green vests.  Roundtable with journalists. Second half of December.

Shareholder Action – No one showed up. Will send around list for people to sign up.

Agenda Items

DA Orientation – On Thursdays at 4:30pm on Thursdays and 1pm on Sundays we will have Intro to Direct Action training.  We did not staff them. Sparrow and Anthony will do it on Sunday at 1pm @ 60 Wall St.  Matt and Jerry will do it @ 60 Wall on Thursday at 4:30.  They will be at the Rock thing.

Finance – Agenda point from yesterday. The current process is: DA gets $100 a day, when they ask for it. Anything over $1000 has to be presented first through DA and then to GA.

D12 squid group need money.  $500. Consensus

A concern was raised that folks may be attacking innocent people.

Appointing Jerry as the point person for finance.

Discussion on opposing school closures by shutting down DOE meetings

Road Trip – The trip will be for several working groups, not just DA. The trip will be during the month of January.  Proposal adjusted: Approval of two other groups required for a joint budget to pass through DA.  Table the budget proposal for the General Assembly for $2,350 to cover the cost of renting a bus for the road trip in January.


Tenting Meeting – 3pm @ 60 Wall

Law & Order – Setting up a fake encampment at Zuccotti Sq.  Sneak in and occupy.

Movement Building Regional Gathering at Philedelhpia.  Staten Island Ferry @ 7 to grab bus.  Open space formatted.  You can talk about anything.

Movement Building – Holding a visioning session on the 18th.  Pace University.  Structured discussion.

Warm wishes and love from Occupy Germany!

Shareholder activism – Occupying shareholder meetings.

Meeting at 8 to talk about D12, @ 20 Cooper Sq.

Communications subgroup – Lots of stuff coming up.

Comfort – Will now be wearing Hamas flags.  They have a satellite in the park. They are thinking of doing an action and it will be presented at a future DA.

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