Minutes, DAWG meeting, Dec 7 2011

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reoccupation on Dec 17

Proposal: as visible outdoor space is very important on many levels for the movement here and around the world, subgroup asks for DA’s buy in (endorse and help carry out) on taking and holding such a space starting Dec 17. This could be 6th and Canal or another space.
Considerable work has already been done over the course of 2 months by the subgroup. Community agreement that would solve some of the problems of Liberty Square are well underway, as well as how to be sure that agreement is upheld. Daily negotiations are happening with Trinity. Other spaces are still on the table. Hunger strike is an autonomous action; hunger strikers have place indoors to sleep (at a church) and are receiving medical supervision.
Utilize our base by slowing down; this is too soon
this is moving away from wall street geographically
friendly amendment:
add history of space to proposal (i.e. Trinity Church got its vast land holdings as gift from king of England before US was even a country; land belongs to the people!
CONSENSUS with 3 stand-asides.

Open meeting about reoccupation 2:00 – 4:00 16 beaver st. 12/8/11 (Thursday)
to get ongoing info, text 23559 with message @d17re-occupy

Dec 12 West coast port shutdown solidarity action
Proposal: an action spokes
CONSENSUS for Friday, Dec 9, 5 to 7 pm. Agenda to be proposed next meeting, location search underway.

“Occupy DHHS”, 12/12 at 6pm in Bronx. Mostly a rally, bottom lined by nurses union
Proposal: DA endorsement (solidarity) and inclusion of info about it on flyers for the main D12 action.
Concern: D12 is centered on a specific concept, and this could muddy the narrative of the day
Friendly amendment: promotion of action will not be on flyers for the day’s main action
CONSENSUS as amended; event will be promoted separately.

D06 followup
Reportback on 2nd home defended: OWS people need to verify more clearly spontaneous requests for help, so as not to put our people at unnecessary risk.
Announcement/request: DA members go to E New York occupied house for work day starting at 11am. (Update by email: postponed due to negotiations happening today (Thursday, 12/8)

Proposal: change time of DA Sunday meeting to 5pm to 9pm, so as not to overlap POC caucus meeting time.
establishing our current meeting schedule was complex and intensive process, and we all agreed stable meeting times were crucial.
We don’t know if POC has discussed changing their Sunday time.
Tabled proposal for more info.

Tabled agenda items:

  • finance
  • intro to da



DA now has a working relationship with Brooklyn Free School

Tidal magazine covers occupation; submissions solicited

Tenting—let’s talk about it

Dec 8, 4pm Foley Square to City Hall march (missing info—sorry!)

Dec 10, 11am march & rally to protect right to vote (Bertha Lewis, stand4freedom.org). Meeting at 4pm, right after DA

Dec 19-23, Occupy Congress. Talk to organizer

4 Responses to “Minutes, DAWG meeting, Dec 7 2011”

  1. Binh

    Thank you whoever took the minutes, typed them up, and posted them. I have been trying to get back involved with DA daytime meetings for some time but somehow keep missing folks at 60 Wall Street but I feel better now that I’m a bit more in the loop.

    My idea was to Occupy 5th Ave’s high end stores like Neiman Marcus to go after the 1% during their Christmas shopping but re-taking the park is very important to show we have not gone away and to maintain a dialogue with the public. I ran into a middle-aged white-collar worker who kept asking me “why aren’t you guys back in the park yet?” I felt embarrassed that I didn’t have a good answer so I look forward to making this happen.

    • Madeline Nelson

      I encourage you to come to an intro to DAWG session. The next one is Sunday at 1pm by the rock thingy in 60 Wall Street.
      Also, please read the schedule and structure of DAWG meetings — http://www.nycga.net/groups/direct-action/docs/da-working-group-structure-and-weekly-schedule
      Proposals are added to our agenda at the start of meeting. There is also time for announcements and, twice a week, for people outside of DA to bring ideas and do a breakout with anyone from the meeting who’s interested.
      I’m seeing a lot of proposed actions on this message board, by people we don’t see at our meetings. Much better to come to meetings, get to know people who are working, and start working with us! See what’s already going on and how your ideas might complement efforts already underway.

      • Binh

        Thanks for the reply. I went to some of the intro meetings a few weeks ago but no one showed up. :(