Minutes, DAWG meeting, Dec 5 2011

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Sub-group report backs

Hunger strike – folks have been arrested again. 11pm last night. This is the second arrest for these people performing a hunger strike. Trinity has authorized the arrests both times. The strikers will reassess this campaign to ensure their safety and sanity.
This group (6 and canal group) has drafted a statement about reoccupation and the need for open outdoor public space.

Why Trinity?
A- they own tons of real estate and claim to uphold church-ness.

Why this space?
A- to open it up to the community. It’s an unused, enclosed space that could be utilized both with the movement and the community.

We are pressuring Trinity for this space because it’s basically a plaza with high visibility and is virtually unused. The community supports this space being activated.  This is a private space owned by an institution that we can pressure based on their own moral, ethical and spiritual  guides/claims.

We tried to take this space on Nov. 15, 25 were arrested, we walked there with spiritual leaders weeks ago.

Are we being played between Judson and Trinity?
A- this is a slippery slope that we want to be aware of and be careful with. Over 1400 members of church/faith communities in the area (Occupy Faith) have been working and positioning the pressure on Trinity and they are supportive of us in more ways than this. Basically, we are wary of the church politics.

Occupy Big Food
Action against Monsanto.
Hosting an action meeting at 10:45am Wednesday  at Bryant Park and then march Crown Plaza Hotel (1605 Broadway).

Proposal that OWS pay fines incurred by folks participating in DA’s. Danny would like to bring this to the GA with Legal and would like to host a conversation with folks interested

Institutional Memory subgroup

Anarchism and Electoral Politics.
the electoral process is like bullfighting. The red cape is the electoral process, the 1% is the bullfighter and the 99% are the bull. Instead of going after the bullfighter, we are distracted by the red cape.

In the coming months many folks will be coming forward with proposals surrounding politicians
How do we deal with this?
We need to redirect this conversation from representatives to delegates who are accountable and only speak what their group has said and can be recalled any time.
Can we come to consensus about a statement against involvement with electoral politics? Or at least the political players.

Suggestion: let’s take this conversation outside this meeting so that this can be fully developed.

Much support for this amazing presentation by Jerry.

The best we force them to make changes is to not mobilize for the democratic party, mobilize outside of that. The mobilization for the democratic party has been the rope every single social justice movement since the 70s.  DA needs to be able to project this to the wider movement.

This conversation needs to be had in a way that allows us to be smart about it.  Saying no is not the best way.

There are already lots of people aligned with OWS who are making overtures.

OWS and all the occupations are under fire from many sources that are exerting pressure.  We need to get a firewall between us and every product out there.

Close stack

Reading of a proposal.  To begin a nation-wide campaign with tech ops, finance and direct action to regina and reaffirm the allegiance of the police and military in the movement.  Provide civic education on their oaths, on our expectations.

Discussion: We have to win their support for OWs and for what we are trying to do: restoring our democracy.  Requires us to treat tham as our brothers and sisters and getting them to be our partners in this effort.

Conversation about cops has been happening for some time.  We have not been able to move either way on it.  Support for the cops and the police institutions is support for white supremacy.

We cannot work with cops in uniform.  We did consense that cops who defect are welcome in this community.

The police and the military are two different institutions.  Veterans have supported us and we should acknowledge that.  Trying to win the police to our side is very alienating to people who have experienced police violence.

I don’t hate cops because I don’t hate people.

As someone involved with a middle eastern and muslim background I have a problem with the cops because they conspire with CIA and FBI to spy on families in my communities.

I agree but am sorry to hear the us and them dialogue.  Our job is to bring them along as human biengs and not to treat them as enemies.

As one of the pillars that support oppression, the police must be one of the pillars who get knocked down.  I am waiting to hear very subversive ideas about how to bring down that pillar.

People from the Bronx came down yesterday and specifically asked for our solidarity in addressing police.

Debrief about meeting yesterday:

Working groups came out and plugged in.

Strategy part could have been more useful for long-term planning.  We spent a lot of time rehashing established things.  We should continue to invite working groups.  Not convinced the spokes model is the model that fits for our big Sunday meetings.  In future it might make more sense.

In the future we should set the agenda for Sunday meetings in general so that no one is put in the position to facilitate something they do not know about.

People planned that meeting and that plan did not get enacted.  I still think its okay to have a smaller group empowered by DA to structure the meeting but it be agreed upon maybe on Friday.  We still had a conversation with a wider group of people and we encouraged other working groups to plug in and that is great.

Community agreements were agreed to very readily.
The spokes model was flowed in and out of in response to the crowds desire.

Proposal that we set aside 5 minutes for facilitation feedback at the end of each DA meeting.
the facilitator would feedback to the group and vice versa. CONSENSUS! (twinkle twinkle twinkle)

December 17
Hope to have a breakout conversation about this at DA tomorrow…
acknowledging the events of D6, maybe this will be a piece of Wednesdays meeting.
This can get more time than a normal 6 minute agenda point.

D12 reportback : There have now been 3 meetings regarding D12. 7:30 AM assemblies at city hall and the red cube. March and converge at Goldman Sachs.

Arts & culture
language and fliering
squidding kit

Goldman Sachs is sucking the life out of our workers and country.

Next meeting, Wednesday @ 1pm.

Report backs
get info to outreach.
“occupy strikes back” – purposeful intentional action in solidarity across the country.
“goldman sachs is a disgusting vampire squid sucking the economy and workers dry”
Please get fliers and pass them out starting tomorrow, text 207-756-4345 Owen to get fliers.
INREACH, please tell everybody about this.

arts & culture
building 2 large squid puppets.
need help making puppets and supplies to make them
possibly open to a person puppet to riseup and squash the squid.

West side of city hall and red cube meet-ups.
2 marches, routes tbd
possibly whirl around the buildings? Utilize arts and culture.
This would be a whirl pool to flush Goldman Sachs.
think about autonomous actions that YOU can add to this silliness.
Possibly disperse at 10:30 then regroup for a later action.

trying to harvest info surrounding GS and their treatment of workers
household name brands and stores owned by GS


Monsanto breakout

10:45 meet, march at 11:45?
Have a large shopping cart to fill with gross GMO products to return to Monsanto.
500 person pizza feed at the park 5:30pm today!

Star Hawk is coming Tuesday the 13 10-1 hoping to find a space for a deconstructing empire presentation(?)

Newsweek says the Pentagon is offering military hardware and funding to police departments across the US.

Phoenix, Arizona is dealing with a lot of stuff, is still occupying 24/7 and is psyched on what’s happening in NYC.

Let’s set up a mock press conference regarding Goldman Sachs.

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