minutes, DAWG meeting, Dec 23 2011

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    1. J15
    2. Finance
    3. March 2012
    4. Meeting schedule for next week
    5. Group discussion: tactical communication subgroup
    6. Healthcare for the 99%
    7. Announcements
    8. Start a long-term, transparent conversation re: reoccupation
    9. Special discussion: Road trip

1.  J15


Worldwide action for MLK’s birthday: candlelit vigil at 7 pm.  Proposal: Make this an OWS direct action.


Q: What does it mean that DA is endorsing this and other actions?

A: So that people see that the action has been brought to working groups and isn’t an independent thing.

2.   Finance

Finance needs hard copy of the minutes our consensus on a point person in order to recognize that person. Are the minutes available?

Proposed declaration: Early last week we reached consensus on Jerry Goralnik being our point person for daily monetary allotment, as someone who has been with DA since early October, has bottom-lined a major event and comes to every meeting; we aren’t sure if the minutes to that earlier meeting are on NYCGA yet.

Consensus reached to approve the above declaration.

3.   March 2012

We want to put out a call that on a certain day in March (when it is warmer) we will take a certain space.  Ideas re: reoccupation and date for said event welcome.

– Let’s have an OWS-wide conversation about all the ideas we have for “spring revival”.

– Previously planned: On Jan. 8 there will be a DA meeting re: envisioning next steps of occupation.

There will be a small meeting after this one to talk about this.


4.   Meeting schedule for next week

We will meet as scheduled.

5.   Group discussion: tactical communication subgroup

There will be a meeting at the office on Wednesday at noon.


6.   Healthcare for the 99%

There is a Crains NY breakfast forum planned for Wed. Jan. 11 @ the Marriott in Brooklyn re: hospitals in Brooklyn on the verge of bankruptcy.

Proposal: affinity action inside event, and separate public action outside.

Recommendation: return for a Tuesday or Thursday meeting, when we have breakouts, to discuss this issue.

7.   Announcements:

– Dec. 29 is the 111th anniversary of the massacre at Wounded Knee: 5:30 pm @ Irondale (85 S. Oxford in Brooklyn, Atlantic Terminal subway station).  More info to come.

– The payroll tax cut was approved today, but alongside that the Keystone Excel pipeline got pushed through in a provision.  That’s as though we said, “Here’s a proposal to celebrate Christmas, with a provision to put in a pipeline!”

– Meeting @ 1 pm tomorrow re: non-camping versions of occupation.  Contact: eric2light@gmail.com and googlegroups.com/occupycurveball

8.   Start a long-term, transparent conversation re: reoccupation

–       “Pop-up communications”: we pop up throughout the city, too quickly to be evicted, do things like clean the streets in 99% shirts, camp out briefly, etc.

–       Occupying is reactivating spaces that are “public” on paper for actual public use.  We should move from privately-owned public spaces to purely public spaces.

–       There’s an event on Jan. 1st @ noon @ Union Sq. – Solidarity march with Oakland; discussion could happen there.

This agenda item is: Let’s organize a broader conversation about various ways to occupy.

–       That’s part of what the Jan. 8 meeting is for.


9.   Special discussion: Road trip!

Proposal distributed for perusal and discussion.

Temperature check: taking this proposal to Spokescouncil of working groups already involved.

Temp. check is positive.


End of DA meeting.

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