minutes, DAWG meeting, Dec 2 2011

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Debrief on cis-male listen-only meeting experiment

Some found it an interesting experiment. Others, primarily female, felt extremely uncomfortable esp when specific person was addressed and unable to respond

– performing under male gaze—we as women have to teach cis-males a lesson? When we are made incredibly uncomfortable by this situation?

– culture of talking not listening

– tool, not an end

– ideas: how many times an individual can speak in a meeting; maybe no more than 2 men speak in a row; stricter on time limits; think about if what you are saying is actually important

– maybe issue is, people aren’t talking because of structure and size—not used to this.

– doing again on 12/8/11


DA email list

Proposal: To solve the problem that came up last meeting, until we have a better way to access emails, those bottom-lining events must have attended 10 DA meetings and be consensed on by DA to have access, only for the duration of bottom lining event.

Friendly amendment: person getting list access must sign contract that says you will only use this for action purpose and if you break it, you won’t have access again.

Consensus on amended proposal.


Community agreements for DA-organized action spokes

1 page document was read aloud.


need to be accessible to those speaking English as 2nd language or without high reading level; how to handle disruptor(s) or those using abusive language, how to support facilitator; process for returning to group after removal.

Point of info on roles: we agreed a while ago to have a greeter to bring late people up to speed without disrupting meeting

Friendly amendments

Simpler language

Points of unity to be read aloud before each meeting but not re-consensed each time

Values will be posted in meeting room

Add to agreements: “If I become disruptive and am asked to leave I will do so.”

If the person doesn’t leave of their own accord it is the responsibility of their affinity group or working group to do so.

Person and their affinity or working group must go thru mediation before returning to action spokes.

Consensus reached on agreements with the above amendments


Gingrich fundraiser action. Ben will do the work, just wants it to be official OWS event. Consensus.



Medical needs DA liaison

12/2, 4pm, 60 Wall: O4O meeting

12/4, 3pm, 60 Wall: Squatting meeting

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