minutes, DAWG meeting, Dec 11 2011

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Louis J took these notes. (Thanks!!)


–Tuesday at 12pm at Atrium, large movement meeting

— Big envisioning MTG

— March today

–Starhawk in NY for a training on Monday, and Tues morning deconstructing empire         training/ wrkshop.

–Mon 5pm 60 Wall discussion on outdoor space

–Tues @ 8PM @ 60 Wall, Deescalation training for new occupation.




Proposed by Mark– Regarding regarding – MARCH 2012 to be officially reoccupation of public space…think about what were working towards.

(Tabled until after next Saturday and our 6 month visioning session)


Recap: Duarte Part @ 6th and Canal Park owned by Trinity Church– close to Zuccotti, winterizable, and near big public park. Not in use. Where we went immediately after eviction. Trinity had never said we can occupy. 25 people were arrested, including police-liaison. OWS has been asking help from faith-leaders. More and more people want us to have this space. THIS SATURDAY AT 12PM IS REOCCUPATION

Outreach, Inreach: Big pushes in next few days.

PR, Media: Looking for artists, getting propaganda videos together. The story is not about Trinity, its about us. And the space/art/ visibility all

Trinity has been saying that Charlottes Place is enough, along with bathrooms. Also, they have tried to call arts council, who were leasing stuff. Lease ended Dec 1st, so its essentially a vacant lot, zoned to become a high-rise building

Hunger-strike until we get that space.

Town Planning: looking to get visuals, maps, and role-out of stuff re: tactics on that day. Food, bathrooms, structures. Working with sustainability group, private artists, Not An Alternative.

Community Agreement // Community Watch: How do we uphold norms and agreements we consented upon. Deescalation. Day-of stuff and permanent stuff. Looking to do training Tuesday night to get people ready to deescalate. Everyone in space will be community watch.

Also, a tactical-unit.

Also, right around that neighborhood theres

Hunger strikers, one person quit.

Q + A:

–  Q1 How are we going to deal with quandary of disruptors: people who want to be fed, panhandle, do drugs. etc.?? HOW will we self-govern?

–  A1- deescacatlation first, then get  medics, mental-health people together, and then sometimes people will have to be physically removed. not judgmental, non-emotional.

Not clear about ways in which we deal with classism and racism along the lines of food.


Media PR: needs community agreement and town planning details

Town Planning: – finalized part of a town plan, – look at safe-spaces

Outreach/ Inreach: strategy, need more info. and an inreach MTG 60 Wall Monday.

Community Watch/Community Agreement – Finalized a Statement of Intention – other community agreements around drugs violence…  orientation to space, anti-oppression stuff…

–  accountability circle- ways to work through trauma, violence, rape.

MAIN PTS: structure, homelessness, and messaging


Q2: What if we don’t get in?

– define outdoor space in relation to success, no matter what… Duarte is a particularly visible space.


Q4: Who deals with tents, who lives there, how is it arranged?

–  communal tents – women only tents. a lot of the specifics aren’t – people sleeping there  is about people working, not about homelessness – THIS IS THE COMMONS.


Q5: How does this fit into larger strategy? And what is the process by which it has developed? What is this, is it affinity groups or communal?


Q6: Conflict resolution – build trust


GET ON EMAIL LIST d17@occupyeveryhere.org and a textlsit TOO, @d17re-occupy and send that to 23559

330-5 60 Wall, tacticle MON  and on Tues, deescalation



–  Came out of oakland, and need for a solidarity action, across the north. In assessing capacity- we cant shut down ports. but we can play a role by attacking Goldman Sachs, who owns the ports in Oakland. A great vampire squid, jamming his blood-sucker into

–  – problems we face – Rutgers teacher – problems are surplus Capital, redistribution of money away from labor. Capitalists have become almost entirely supurfluous. So what do they do?

–  boom bust cycle a problem.

–  economic future is in the hands of an oligarchy.

–  SOLUTIOSNS- redistribution of income, overthrow cap, markerts more resilient DEcenter – regulation Socialization of investment- not all private invetments shold control


RED MARCH @ City Hall

Squid with translator speaking in squid-speak…

Press and Jail Support…o


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