Minutes, Coordinator meeting 10 Dec

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Facilitaion: Jeff

Minutes: Stan

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Ravi – Volunteer Services – Trying to clean up data to get all of the volunteers to the particular working groups

Jeff –  Housing – Working on an agenda piece for GA to get 175 metro cards

Tech-  there are now 118 groups – emphasis on unity

Uruj- Direct Action – Forclosed home D6 Actions… working with family that is the process of being foreclosed on. 75 people come during to the day to check on the home. She wants this action to help gain a sense community.

Daryl- Permanent Spaces –  working with trying to find a space –

Haywood – Accounting –  Meeting @ 5:30pm was good… he went to other groups and went into discussion Finanace meetings are every Friday 5:30pm @ the Atrium.

Christine – ComCluster – ComHub is working on a proposal on what should be a group and what process we should take.

Joseph – Security – Question about working in groups

Ryan – Alt. Currency – Time Bank process/proposal – making a shift on how to get a Time Bank to work for OWS. Focusing on the giver of time to the Movement to feel like they are a part of the Movement.



1. Basic Info on how to start a working group

Jake- tech- spoke about the history of creating groups from Sept. 17 to now how people should be go to NYCGA.net. Tech has put a hold on group formation until now. There is now a form on the website. There is no clear policy on what a group is. Different groups are trying to structure the policy

Ravi- Com Cluster is working on a proposal that can possibly pass a GA

Jeff- Talking about getting a centralized body on how to become a group


2. Kitchens Proposal

Josh- Kitchen is working on a proposal… wanting to have a weekly budget. Wanting to support different groups and still be self-sufficient. Asking for $10,000 a week / $1500 a day. Trying to start a new kitchen on 56 Walker. Also a questionare on how to get funds for Kitchen. Also is going to have an online spreadsheet

Kyle- Reiterated the proposal points.


3. Transporation

Jeff- Went over the proposal of traveling expenses with MetroCards.

The approval will be for 175 people. 100 for the homes and 75 to other housing groups. They do have a system of tracking finances. Housing has a daily meeting @ 3:30pm

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