Minutes April 19th

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Vision and Goals Working Group


Thursday April 19th 2012


In attendance, Noz, Tony, Cynthia, Siobhan, Dorje, Ray, Prince


Facilitator Tony

Minutes: Siobhan and Dorje


Discussion centers around Values Based Consensus Group.


1 value – Positive idea flow


Discussion of what values our group has


Question: What draws people to a Mass Movement,

One Answer: Create a large scale movement through the networking of technology.

You need Direct action to make things noticeable.


Noz is confused what design is consensus? What are we about.


GA is supposed to work with us. Says Tony


Our role is to help come up with goals for the GA.


The GA’s vision is a good idea.


P_eople currently engineer war for profit.


(note…. the group as it is happening is more of a free flow of ideas like a think tank discussion rather than one with a set agenda and process.)


SCC Group wants to stop the war.


We need a functioning GA to implement these goals.


values for working groups create a definition for the group. Seeking a more ideal future.


A brainstorming of goals.


Why do we need a GA




How do we get ideas out


to get the GA going again should be the main goal


Working groups should be asked to show up to Ga

and ourselves


GA is now gone for all practical purposes


We need a GA, a real GA.


In the GA there was funding for the bicycle clean energy project.


To be informed is the most important thing for this movement, we need an informed public,


discussion about Frackings effect upon the earthquake on the east coast


Cynthia talks about military troop control in Haiti.


The Hiring policies of corporations,


Dorje mentions the Youtube channel for Vision and Goals,


Noz- In order to change these huge structures we have to elect people with high moral character who cannot be bought, we have to make moves at the state level, and then expose these guys who are in office,…..


talk continues on the affairs of the nation…..


we need group outreach.


The importance of the concept of a living document is brought up


temperature check on values based consensus process for the working group.

Temperature check is positive.


You have to find ways of outreach,


tony mentions radio


Prince talks about public network, T.V. Methods.


Mentions two people he kn ows, involved in broadcasting for the movement.


Next meetings agenda, is to be


  1. Purpose of Group thouroughly defined
  2. Values of the group.


Dorje says Seeking profits is the main disease of the current system

Alternatives to profit model system

Talk turns to types of Resource based economies, or economies that function of th paradigms in the vision statements.


Meeting Adjourned

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