Minutes 3/27/12

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MARCH 27, 2012

Present: Martin Brod, Marty Goldman, Barbara Harris, Barbara Walker, Marco, Alice, Ann,
Facilitator : Martin B.
Minutes: Alice

Nuclear Statement: Alice reported that the OWS Environmental Solidarity Working Group had
endorsed the statement and Alice and John request that we reach out to sign on more Working
Groups, possibly going back to the General Assembly at some later date, and then expanding
out to other Occupy groups across the US and internationally.

Teach-In on Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons: Making the Connection, will take place in
Union Square, March 31, 12 to 2 PM, organized by the Environmental Solidarity Working Group
as a way to inform OWS members about the issue.

UNAC (United Anti-War Coalition) Report Back: Marty G. reported that there were 500
in attendance, with excellent diversity from the Muslim community, labor, students, Afro-
Americans, and new activists. Many interesting and varied workshops. There was a heated
debate on an Iran resolution similar to the debate in our Working Group, and a large majority
adopted a statement that has been forwarded previously to this list that avoids any criticism of

Schumer Demonstration: Martin B. reported that about 25 to 30 people showed up including
representatives from the World Can’t Wait, Grannies Peace Brigade, Jewish Voices for Peace.
Press TV showed up in response to press release. Martin will post a link to their report. He
suggested that because there was so little street traffic outside their offices, in the future
perhaps we should demonstrate at the 92nd Y when they have prominent speakers. Alice will
call contacts in Schumer and Gillebrand’s office who visited with a group of us last year to see if
we can get an appointment with them.

City Council Resolution Opposing War on Iran: We also talked about a City Council Resolution
opposing war on Iran and which members of the Council might be sympathetic. (Rodriguez,
Williams, Jackson, Mark-Vivarito, Chen, Rose). Ann will talk to Mary Geissman at All Souls
Church Peace Committee about the Resolution they are working on. David will follow up on
the Hartford resolution that was passed by their City Council.

Counter-Recruitment Campaign in Schools: Barbara H. reported that this Thursday through
the work she has organized with Code Pink, they will be going to 10 high schools to distribute
literature and information on non-military options for jobs to kids who are being recruited
by the military. Other groups working with her on this include Brooklyn for Peace and Peace
Action on Staten Island.

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery: They are also working on the privacy issues raised
by the ASVAB test where the military collects data from this vocational test for follow up with
students to lure them into the service. NYC has adopted a default option on the test that the
military can only contact a student who has taken the test if the student requests it. But in the
rest of the state the military has automatic permission to contact students based on the test.
Barbara is working with State Senator Liz Krueger and her staff to have the State Senate and
Assembly make the default option on the test the same as the NYC requirement. She is looking
for additional Senators and Assembly members to help pass this in NY State.

Barbara also reported on Jr. ROTC. High schools are targeted by retired military to enroll
students. She is working with the City Council Progressive Caucus to help stop this easy access
to our students. Barbara will post more info about how we can help with this. David will post
an upcoming HS demo to our list that he is familiar with.

IRAN: We went over some of the issues that keep coming up about Iran. Barbara W. said that
she and Ann have drafted some compromise language. They will post their draft to our list.
Marco will follow up with Geoff on how we can set up a larger meeting with more people for a
longer period of time to see if we can work out our differences.

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